[VIDEO] Intermittent Fasting Benefits

By June 6, 2019Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Benefits are amazing. Intermittent fasting can be done easily and effectively in order to improve your health for both men and women.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits

The benefits of IF are truly incredible and they offer many health benefits.

This is why many Hollywood actors and health enthusiasts, flock to the method as a way of staying lean and improving their overall health. I have used intermittent fasting for many years in my own life and have reported the same benefits that the research touts.

The benefits of one meal a day, another form of intermittent fasting, have also proven to be very beneficial. Essentially, it is just a tougher version of intermittent fasting. Instead of 16-8 intermittent fasting, you essentially are fasting for a 22 hour period and then eating your meals within a 1-2 hour window. OMAD is very popular among health enthusiasts and can offer many amazing health benefits that you may be seeking.

Intermittent fasting benefits brain health in a big way. This is why so many people find that while using this eating strategy they tend to have increased focus, better brain endurance, and clearer thought processes.

If you want to improve your health using this strategy for meal timing, it’s an easy and effective way to do so. I have used this method in my own life for over 5 years and have seen nothing but incredible benefits. I can share from my own experience that this style of eating can drastically improve your health, for both men and woman.

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[Video Transcription] Intermittent Fasting Benefits | Must See!

In this video, you will discover all the benefits received from doing intermittent fasting.

Hi, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Dr. Z  and welcome back to the channel. Now if you are new to the channel, it is a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification, and join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your life. 

In this video, we are talking about intermittent fasting benefits. This is a really, really incredible topic because it is one of these things that you can easily implement into your life and get incredible results. Now if you are not familiar with this, intermittent fasting is basically when you fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour period. And then one meal a day is when you are going to eat your meals all within a 1-2 hour period, so you are fasting for essentially 22 plus hours a day. So, it is very powerful. What I want to do is dive right into intermittent fasting benefits, so you can really see all the different ways that intermittent fasting can improve your health and your life. 

Let’s started right here with increasing Human Growth Hormone. Now, this is really powerful because human growth hormone is really important hormone. It’s necessary for tissue repair. It’s necessary for anti-aging. It’s necessary for a lot of important functions in the body. As people age, this hormone starts to decline and a lot of people are taking different synthetic versions of this to boost it in their body but you can actually boost this hormone naturally. Now, one of the ways that you boost the hormone is through intermittent fasting and exercising before breaking your fast. The research shows that people who are exercising before breaking their fast, were boosting their human growth hormone between 1 and 2000 percent. Super, super powerful! And the way that you do this is you can either start with high-intensity interval training, where you just do short duration, high-intensity workouts. Or you can do it through weight training.  But the key is actually doing that exercise and training prior to breaking your fast.

Next thing on our list here is, metabolic hormones. It is going to help balance these metabolic hormones because people who have this metabolic hormone imbalance, their whole health just becomes a nightmare and a mess.

First, let’s talk about insulin, Leptin and Ghrelin. Now, insulin is this hormone that when it is high in the body it is going to store fat, it’s going to increase inflammation, it’s going to increase estrogen levels, it’s going to do so many different negative things in the body. Now what we want to do is, do the intermittent fasting and one meal a day because it really helps drive that insulin level low. Now people who especially have insulin resistance, which is an enormous amount of people. Now there is a lot of people diagnosed with diabetes and it is very obvious they have insulin resistance. They have blood sugar instability but there is a lot of people who have like pre-diabetes and it is not so obvious. And so when we look at insulin, we want to do this intermittent fasting, we want to do one meal a day, drive that insulin level low. It is going to help heal the cells. It is going to help heal the cell receptor so blood sugar can be driven into the cell properly. Now if we do this form of fasting, drive insulin levels lower, it’s going to allow us to heal the body. And let me tell you, people who are having blood sugar instability issues, fasting is a very, very powerful way to go in and actually work on creating balance there. And if you are someone who is already diagnosed with diabetes, it’s best if you work with your doctor during this time when implementing fasting. 

Next here is Leptin. Now, Leptin is that hormone that tells the body to burn fat. Now when we look at Leptin, this is a problem if you can’t hear it. When we get this insulin resistance or we get Leptin resistance, when our body can’t hear the signals from these hormones, then we obviously can’t utilize the function that these hormones offer. And Leptin tells the body to burn fat. So if you have this hormone resistance issue, then your body is not going hear that signal. So you are not going to be able to burn that fat for energy. 

Next is Ghrelin. Ghrelin is this hormone that actually tells you, you are full. So if you can see the nightmare that comes out of this different metabolic hormone instability. Insulin is high, we are gaining weight, having a lot of blood sugar swings. Leptin is high but can’t be heard by the body. So, therefore, we are not burning that fat for energy and the Ghrelin is not being heard by the body either and we are not getting the proper signals. So, therefore, we just keep eating and eating because we are not being told we are full. We can see the nightmare that comes out of it. Fasting helps create balance across the board here. Very powerful! Make sure you are implementing it. 

Next is decrease inflammation. When we look at inflammation, one of the things that come with inflammation is pain. I can’t people to really understand this because nobody wants to be in pain. Now one of the things that I find is there are so many people that come into my clinic and they have Fibromyalgia and all of these different diagnoses that basically means that they have an increase of pain. One of the things that we have to focus on right away when we hear this is that we have to work on decreasing inflammation. When we decrease inflammation, we decrease pain and we also do some other good things. We decrease the risk of a lot of different diseases that come from chronic inflammation. When we look at inflammation and disease, we can think of cancer, we can think of heart disease, we can think of all these different diseases that first start with a chronic inflammatory in the body that goes completely uncontrolled. Implement intermittent fasting, implement one meal a day, and we are going to decrease inflammation in the body. 

Next is anti-aging. So there is not anybody out there who doesn’t want to age slower and this is fact. Everybody wants to look younger, look better, look healthier and when we look at anti-aging one of the things that comes into play is a big hormone balance issue. Now, one of the things that happen when we get a lot of insulin instability, essentially what we are going to get, estrogen is going to be more dominant in the body. So, whether you are a female or male, this is a problem for you, especially in females, because it leads to a lot of estrogen dominant cancers like breast cancer and then usually progesterone starts to go low. So when we start to do intermittent fasting or one meal a day, we start to get more of a metabolic balance across the board. We get a hormonal balance that comes along with that and so we are going to see estrogen balance out, progesterone balance out, testosterone is going to increase. So there are so many men out there taking synthetic testosterone. And one of the things that you can do is implement intermittent fasting, one meal a day, you are going to boost testosterone levels because you are going to boost growth hormone. When you go and boost growth hormone, the testosterone is going to follow it. So, that is powerful stuff there, especially if you are a male. If you are a female, it is very good to make sure that you metabolizing that estrogen properly so you don’t end up with all of these different issues that high estrogen in the body causes. 

Next on our list Intermittent Fasting is going to help increase energy. Now here’s the thing, when we look at the gut, in general, there is about 10-15 percent of our daily energy expenditure that goes to the gut. Many people are just overeating and over consuming and when you do that you are just kind of putting such a burden on your body that is not necessary. So one of the things that you are going to find is that when you skip breakfast, you are doing intermittent fasting, you are doing one meal a day, you are not putting that burden of eating throughout the day and on your body. It is going to increase energy and also going to give you energy, more energy throughout the day.

Next, it is going to help with less crashes. The reason you are going to get less crashes because you are going to create more stability with metabolic hormones. We are not going to have high insulin spikes throughout the day and low blood sugar levels throughout the day and help create balance. You are also going to have hormonal balance when it comes to all the metabolic hormones and you are going to be working with more sustainable energy. Especially, if you are doing one meal day, you are easily going to be dropping into the ketosis state. When you drop into ketosis, you are burning fat for energy and it’s a much more sustainable source of energy. So, therefore, we want to cut those carbs out too, focus on burning that fat, it’s more sustainable when you are using ketones, the brain, the body, the cells like ketones for energy, so it is more sustainable and much healthier source there. 

Next here is detoxification. I talk about detoxification all the time. Now the body has the natural ability to detox and when I talk about detoxification, I am usually talking about going above and beyond because we have above and beyond the toxic exposure today, more so than ever before. We have toxic chemicals that you are using for cleaning products. You have toxic beauty products. You have flame retardants in your clothing. All of these things that are actually showing up in the bloodstream but one of the things that you can do when it comes to just old fashion healing is use intermittent fasting, one meal a day, and fasting, in general, can help detox the body. And one of the things that happens is the body will work on a priority system. If you have enormous amounts of stress and then you are eating a lot of carbs and you are eating poor quality diet, you are just slamming food all day, the body has to deal with that. So it can never actually work on some of that more downstream stuff of just healing and detoxing. The colon, the liver, all the detox organs, they need the ability to just have the chance to not have such a burden of everyday life and as a result of that they do what they do best and they naturally heal the body. So make sure that we are using intermittent fasting, one meal a day, for detoxification it’s very powerful. It is going to help improve your immune function.

There is a lot of research around fasting and improving your immune function and that is very important because so many people are having hyper-immune disorders. They are also having autoimmune disorders and the immune system is just totally, totally dysfunctional. So we want to make sure that using intermittent fasting and one meal a day, we are working to balance out immune function. It is going to help increase your immune function as well, so you are going to be less likely to get the flu and all of these other things that are coming around. So make sure that you are using this strategy here.

And last on our list is autophagy. Autophagy is an incredibly important topic because essentially what we know is that because when it comes to many diseases, the autophagy process essentially will help breakdown those bad cells. So if we are looking at cancerous cells, it will help break these cells down and remove them from the body. Autophagy is basically cell recycling, breaking down damaged and broken cells using them to make new ones. Now when autophagy occurs, its happening with good physiological stress. Good physiological stress would be doing fasting, doing intermittent fasting, doing one meal a day. Bad physiological stress would be financial stress, work stress, that kind of stuff. And so the good physiological stress boost autophagy and offers you a lot of health benefits. When you look at autophagy, the research points to as little as 13 hours can go and really rev up autophagy in the body. Now that’s as little as 13 hours but that is going to be people who probably are doing a very, very, very clean diet. They are doing a ketogenic diet, they are doing a low-carb diet, people who are really, really healthy individuals. You know their metabolic hormones are balanced out. Now when we look at the average individual, it says that on average 18 hours. Research is pointing to 18 hours on average is when that autophagy is going to be kick-started in the body. The one meal a day people on average are going to get the results from autophagy. The intermittent fasting people on average are not. So take that into consideration because sometimes you might want to do intermittent fasting for two days, one meal a day for two days, mix it up a little bit and that is very beneficial, as well.

So here are some of the top benefits of intermittent fasting. I hope you enjoyed this video. Share it with your friends so they can see some of the different benefits they can receive from doing intermittent fasting. It is very powerful stuff. Give this video a thumbs up, I would appreciate that. If you have any questions put it in the comment section below. And be sure to subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t done so yet. And lastly check out my other videos on how you can approve your health and I will see you in the next video.