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Electrolyte Benefits

Do you know about electrolyte benefits? Humans need electrolytes in order to survive. If you fail to consume the correct balance of electrolytes, it can lead to dehydration, heart disease,…



How To Intermittent Fast

Intermittent fasting has been in the news everywhere lately. It is a strategy that I have implemented in my own life and the lives of the individuals I’ve worked with…



Weight Loss Over 50

Weight Loss After 50

Are you over 50? Are you having trouble losing weight? If so, this article was written especially for you. We will discuss why it is harder to lose weight as…


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“NuVision’s approach and customized strategies showed me how to take control of my health. I was able to reverse my heart disease! It saved my life and career. I am very grateful for everything Dr. Z and his team have done.”

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