Meet Dr. Nick Zyrowski

How Dr. Nick Zyrowski turned his life around through the power of natural healing

I’m Dr. Nick Zyrowski D.C., B.S — or as my patients like to call me, Dr. Z.

After years of healing from my own health struggles, I have grown a passion for helping others overcome avoidable chronic conditions through science-based, wholistic, natural strategies. My clinical practice patients have seen so much success with their health, I just couldn’t limit these strategies to my Michigan hometown. Today, I’m helping people all over the world experience whole-body health through natural health education, wellness lifestyle training, and clinically proven supplements.

Growing up, I was a typical kid—lots of junk food, soda, and running to the doctor for medicine every time I sneezed. It wasn’t until I gained an extra 30 pounds before college that I realized I had to start exercising and giving consideration to the food I was eating. I started making some better choices at this time, but they were still far from good and would eventually cause me serious health consequences.

Then, the day I started college, something happened that would change the course of my life forever. Tragedy struck my family when my little brother was killed as a result of medical malpractice. I was already headed down the path toward becoming a doctor, but this devastating event opened my eyes to the pitfalls of modern-day medicine and drove me into the largest natural healing profession in the world: Chiropractic care.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I dove headlong into my four year Doctor of Chiropractic program. It wasn’t long before the grueling classroom hours, preparation for boards, and a standard American lifestyle brought my health to a halt. I began finding it almost impossible to concentrate, retain information, or commit anything to memory. My grades were suffering, and it was nearly impossible to move forward with school.

I tried changing my diet and implementing basic healthy living practices, but saw no change. I sought medical care, but was left disenchanted with offers of mind-altering drugs with potential devastating side effects. Although I was desperate for help, I refused to accept this was my only option. I knew there had to be a better, more lasting way to solve my health crisis, I just didn’t know what it was.

Forced with a decision to either quit school or find answers fast, I spent my free time immersed in seminar after seminar looking for a solution. I learned the best methods in detox, solving autoimmune disorders, fixing hormone imbalances, reversing gut conditions, and healing the brain. Through this process, I discovered that I was suffering from an overzealous inflammatory condition in my brain that was literally causing my brain to shut down. On top of that, I had a gut condition that was setting my brain was on fire (yes, your gut and brain are connected!). Once I began detoxing my body, eating a low carb, sugar-free diet, healing my gut, and healing my brain, I finally got my life back.

One thing still plagued me though: Why had I had to search to the edge of the earth to find answers? It shouldn’t have been so difficult! Every day I work with individuals in my clinic and around the world who have been given health advice designed to cover up symptoms but not offer true healing or lasting results. Although some cases may require medication or surgery as a last resort, for most people, a proactive approach to holistic, natural healing is the surest way to reclaim your health.

I know that when you’re suffering from health challenges the future often looks grim. My mission today is to reach every struggling person with the message that there is another way. It’s possible to actually heal your body by treating the root issue, not just to get a temporary fix for your symptoms. I’m dedicated to sharing empowering educational videos, health guides, and transformative health and lifestyle programs—no nonsense, no fluff, all research-based natural health advice. I’ve also developed a line of cutting-edge nutritional products that are 100% research based and clinically proven.

I believe that, just like me, you can regain your health naturally. It’s never too late to improve your life. I challenge you to take a deep dive into these health resources so that you can lose weight, be pain free, have more energy, increase your focus, improve your quality and quantity of life, and ultimately have the health of your dreams.

Join me today to begin the process to true health.

Dr. Nick Zyrowski lives in Michigan with his wife Ashleigh and their four children.

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