[VIDEO] How To Begin A Water Fast

A three, five or seven day water fast is extremely powerful in healing and resetting the body.  Before you get started, you’ll want to learn how to begin a water fast properly so that you can fast with ease while getting the most out of your fast.

How To Begin A Water Fast

How you go about prepping for a fast will determine the quality and comfort of the fast itself.

When it comes to how to start fasting, these four strategies will truly support you in getting the best benefits of fasting. The best way to start a water fast is to drink only water for the week leading up to it. This allows you to reduce your caffeine intake and not suffer from caffeine withdraws during the fast.

Following a ketogenic diet will allow for the body to make the metabolic shift to fat burning before the fast even begins, which will ultimately keep your body from going through additional stress during the fast. So lets continue to explore how to begin a water fast.

When we use intermittent fasting for the week leading up to the fast we can really get some incredible water fast benefits. Intermittent fasting allows us to prepare mentally for the fast and also get our body use to going through periods of time with no food. This way during the fast, our physiology is not stressed out and our body can focus on healing.

This “how to begin a water fast” guide will certainly support you in successfully completing your first one. If a seven day water fast, five day water fast, or even three day water fast is too much for you, I recommend using the fasting mimicking diet as a gentle way to introduce your body to fasting. This works so well because you get many of the benefits and it is much easier to do.

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[Video Transcription] How To Begin A Water Fast

In this video, you’ll discover how to begin a water fast.

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In this video, we’re talking about how to begin a water fast. This is really important because a lot of people want to go into a 3 day water fast or a 7 day water fast and they just want to jump right into it. But the truth is that there’s many things that you can do in order to make this whole process much easier for you. Now, all the strategies that I’m gonna talk about in here what I recommend is that you implement them for 1 week leading up to your 3 day or 7 day water fast.

So, let’s go ahead and jump right into intermittent fasting and how to begin a water fast. Intermittent fasting, if you’re not familiar with it, is when you fast for 16 hours and you eat within an 8 hour period. Doing intermittent fasting for 1 week prior to your water fast is really gonna set your physiology up to really understand what’s happening when you jump into that 3 or 7 day water fast. Because as a result of doing the intermittent fasting you’re gonna drop your insulin levels low, you’re going to decrease your blood sugar in a big way, and you’re also going to just prepare yourself mentally because if you’re not someone who’s used to fasting at all jumping into a 3 or 7 day water fast mentally can be a little bit challenging. So, the intermittent fasting is very powerful. Now the other thing I want you to focus on during the intermittent fasting is to eat 2 meals and that’s it, ok, with no snacking. Now, I know many of you think ‘well I don’t snack’ or ‘that’s not me’. But we’re all guilty of walking to the kitchen and grabbing a piece of fruit or maybe grabbing a handful of almonds or something along those lines that we don’t even really think much about. But what it does, is it raises up our insulin levels, raises up our blood sugar, and as a result it messes with our fast. So once again, we’re really trying to prepare our body for that fast. So, doing intermittent fasting with two meals, and simply two meals without any snacking in between, is going to be really powerful.

Now, the other thing that we want to talk about when it comes to how to begin a water fast, is drink water, ok? During this one week we really want to focus on only drinking water because imagine once we do those 3 day fast or the 7 day fast that’s all we’re drinking. So, stay away from sugary drinks like kombucha. Stay away from excessive amounts of coffee, okay? That’s also going to be very important because when you do your 3 or 7 day fast, what happens if you’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and you go completely off that coffee? Well, you’re gonna have a caffeine hangover and you’re not gonna feel very good. So make sure that you’re taking your coffee and really bringing it down to a very low level during this time and sticking to just drinking water. Now drinking water is important too because you know if you’re someone who’s drinking like a kombucha, you’re also going to spike up those insulin levels and that blood sugar okay? So back to the no snacking thing. We want to keep our blood sugar and our insulin low between those two intermittent fasting meals. So, no snacking and stick to water.

Last thing that’s gonna be very powerful when we discuss how to begin a water fast, is following a ketogenic diet for that one week leading up to it because if we can get our body into a fat-burning state before we start that fast it’s going to be so much easier to adapt if we can already have our body transform from sugar burning to fat burning. Then what we’re gonna find is, that during that water fast, it’s going to be so much easier, there’s gonna be way less crashes, you’re gonna have way more energy, and you’re gonna feel so much better. If you want to learn how to get in ketosis super fast check out a video I did on that because I give you multiple strategies on how to jump into that ketogenic state in a very short period of time. Now, using this strategy right here for a 3 day water fast or 7 day water fast is very powerful.

Now, if you’re someone who is not ready to jump into just a strict water fast then what I recommend is you use the fasting mimicking diet. I also did a video teaching on the fasting mimicking diet that you can check out. And what that essentially is going to be is something that it’s a diet that is very low in calories over a 5-day period. You can still eat, but it’s just much easier on the body and for someone who’s suffering from a condition, or someone who’s just isn’t quite ready to jump into that water fast, it’s going to be a much easier route for you to take.

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