The 6 Phases of Cellular Healing: True Healing

The 6 Phases of Cellular Healing: True Healing

Phase #1

Restore All Membranes of the Cell

Bad fats and toxins cause inflammation of the cell membrane. An inflamed cell will lose its function, prohibiting nutrient transport and the proper elimination of cellular waste. This leads to cellular congestion. In order to repair the inflamed or damaged cell, it is essential to fix the membrane. True detoxification must occur at the cellular level; therefore, regenerating the cell membrane is the key to healing. The proper diet, specific supplementation, and lifestyle changes are the most important elements in this phase of cellular healing.

Phase #2

Regenerate Cellular Energy

If you want to have proper functioning cells, you must regenerate the cells’ energy. ATP is the power source of the cell and is used for basic functions, such as digestion, hormone regulation, immunity, and even the ability to focus. One of the most common symptoms of decreased ATP is fatigue. When cell energy is low, the body is unable to ward off infection, overcome toxicity, or perform even its basic functions, resulting in disease. In order to get well, we must increase ATP within the cells. It is impossible for cellular healing to occur if your body doesn’t have the energy to do it.

Phase #3

Reduce Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

Every function in the body is affected when there is increased inflammation and oxidative stress. In this phase, diet plays a huge role in the cellular healing process. Thing such as processed foods, bad fats, sugar, grains, and many others drive cellular inflammation in a neurotoxic person. Although the proper diet is crucial, this phase would be impossible to accomplish without supplementation. There are many critical nutrients and antioxidants needed to down regulate the inflammation oxidative stress cycle (NO/ONOO).

Phase #4

Re-establish Methylation

Methyl groups have many functions in the body when it comes to cellular healing. Dr. Vinitsky in his priority principle, tells us that meythlation goes beyond detoxification. Methyl groups are necessary for stress adaptation, removing toxic estrogen from the body, and protecting your DNA.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is loaded with stressors (chemical, physical, and emotional). Almost every American is methyl depleted due to stress and poor diet. And when you are methyl depleted, your body is unable to produce the right hormones. You are also unable to protect your DNA, and are therefore at high risk for all types of diseases. In fact, a methyl depleted person will experience many unwanted symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, and much more.

Dr. Vinitsky states, “When the resources for methylation are limited, those functions that are not immediately necessary for survival or stress reversal, will be reduced or suspended. The consequences of this principle account for the evolution of regional and generalized autonomic dysfunction. Acute and chronic medical conditions and symptoms then develop, resulting from inability to effectively regulate autonomic functions, failure to repair and heal, grow and store energy” [Vinitsky, A.R. Parts of the puzzle, healthy aging, 1(6), 2006, pp. 75-78]. This is evidence that true cellular healing cannot happen unless methylation is re-established.y bujh

Phase #6

Remove Emotional Interference

Many people don’t realize this, but the mind is extremely influential in the state of your health. It affects your energy levels, your immune system, and more. Emotional stress takes a huge toll on the body, just as toxins in our body do. A certain amount of stress is natural; none of us live stress free lives. While a certain amount of stress is normal, chronic negative stress can be harmful to our health. Chronic stress has been associated with increased reports of illness. Additionally, the longer the chronic stress endures, the more likely a person is to become ill [Cohen S, Kessler RC, Gordon LU. Strategies for measuring stress in studies of psychiatric and physical disorders. In Measuring Stress. A Guide for Health and Social Scientists. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2005]. This is why it is imperative to take proactive steps to remove negative emotional stressors and cultivate a positive mindset that allows you to be healthy and maximize your life.