[VIDEO] 10 Toxic Household Products | DIY Non-toxic Cleaners

10 Toxic Household Products is a must watch for those who are wanting to live a toxic free lifestyle.

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It is inevitable that you are going to be exposed to toxic chemicals that are out of your control. That is why you must make the changes you in your own home in order to mitigate exposure.  And cleaning products are easily some of the most toxic chemicals you have in your home.  It’s no wonder that parents “lock up the cleaning cupboard”.  But it’s not just toxic for children. They are toxic for you too.

But you still need to clean your home, your clothes, and your hands.  (Well, I guess you don’t have to but you’d be really gross if you stopped cleaning all together!)

You can avoid the above mentioned chemicals by making your own DIY household cleaners.  My wife Ashleigh and I teach you how to clean your entire home with the same 5-6 ingredients. With just a few easy-to-find ingredients, you’ll quickly see how simple it is to clean safely and effectively.  All of the toxic household products mentioned in the above video have natural and chemical-free versions that are carried in almost any grocery store, just in case you’re not a DIY kind of person.

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