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Stomach Ulcer Relief is a video that outlines the best way to heal stomach ulcers naturally. Stomach Ulcer Relief

Stomach Ulcers are incredibly painful and they bother you almost constantly. If you aren’t being careful of the foods your eating, then there is a good chance that you will find yourself in serious pain even throughout the night. Stomach ulcer relief foods are very important to consider when trying to overcome a stomach ulcer naturally.

Stomach ulcer relief home remedies include coconut oil, honey, turmeric, cabbage juice and bone broth. These are all very soughing and offer a great natural support for those who are in pain from a existing stomach ulcer.

If your looking for instant stomach ulcer relief, then you will want to turn to supplementation. The GI Repair supplement is really great as it includes deglycerolized licorice root extract, L glutamine, aloe vera extract, and lastly Arabinogalactin. These are all powerful ingredients in the process of getting stomach ulcer relief.

Ulcers in the stomach can have many different origins. They most commonly are the result of helicobacter pylori, but can also be a result of stress and over the counter anti-inflammatory medications. One of the last main causes is too much alcohol consumption. It’s very important to acknowledge the cause of stomach ulcers when you begin the journey to stomach ulcer relief.

Stomach ulcer symptoms are very painful and typically present as a gnawing pain. Be sure to incorporate these strategies for stomach ulcer pain relief that will cause a reversal and a healing of the stomach ulcer that is disrupting normal life as you know it.

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[Video Transcription] Stomach Ulcer Relief | What You Must Know To Overcome A Stomach Ulcer

In this video, I’ll uncover how to get fast relief from a stomach ulcer.

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In this video, we’re talking about stomach ulcer relief and how to overcome, how to heal stomach ulcers. If you’re someone who is suffering from a stomach ulcer, then there’s a good chance you’re getting a lot of burning that’s going on right in this area in the stomach. Basically, we want to make sure that we’re reversing this issue because many people suffer from it.

What we’ll talk about in this video is the different types of stomach ulcers, the main causes, why it’s happening, some home remedies that you can actually do in the comfort of your home, some supplementation that’s going to really help you overcome this issue and reverse it quickly, and then foods that you need to stay away from when you’re facing a stomach ulcer. Let’s go ahead and get started.

When we look at stomach ulcers, there are three types. There’s the duodenal, a gastric, and esophageal. The esophageal ulcer is going to happen a little bit higher up. The gastric ulcer is going to be right down here in the stomach area, and the duodenal ulcer will be somewhere right in this area. So, it’ll be a little bit further over.

Anyway, either way, if you have one of these ulcers, it’s something that you really want to focus on. Like I said, a lot of people will find just a gnawing, burning feeling that’s happening all day long or especially at night it’ll wake them up. We want to make sure that we’re really working to reverse this issue because it is quite painful. Some are much more painful than others. It just depends on the severity of the situation.

A lot of people are asking why this happens. What is the main reason that this is happening and there are a couple of reasons. First of all, an H. pylori infection. If you have a whole bunch of H. pylori in this area, it is known to cause a stomach ulcer and the fact is, it’s known to be the main cause of ulcers. H. pylori is a really bad deal. You don’t want to have that.

Next, is anti-inflammatories. People who are taking ibuprofens, people who are just taking over-the-counter pain killers and medications on a regular basis or even prescription pain killers on a regular basis, these different anti-inflammatories, essentially, what they’re going to do is cause bleeding in the stomach and cause ulcers. Many people think that it can’t happen to them until it happens. A lot of people actually have an ulcer as a result of taking too many anti-inflammatories. I see a lot of people doing this on a daily basis. So, we got to be careful with that.

Stress is a big one too. I see a lot of people who are just under chronic daily stress for a long period of time. They get ulcers as well. It’s very typical of these people to get ulcers. So, if you’re under chronic stress, there’s a good chance that’s causing your ulcer. Then last, excess alcohol consumption. That’s one of the real obvious ones. If you have an ulcer and you know that you’re consuming too much alcohol, well then, stop doing it because that one’s pretty obvious and pretty easy to quit.

But the next thing here is what do we do? What are some things that we can actually implement right in the comfort of our home? There’s a couple of great things we can do for remedies. First of all, coconut oil. Coconut oil is great because it’s very healing, but it also works as a very gentle anti-bacterial, anti-fungal which is important in the case of an ulcer. So, coconut oil is powerful.

Honey is good for healing about anything. If we put some honey especially in some warm chamomile tea, drink that. It’s very soothing and very healing towards the ulcer. The next is turmeric which is a great anti-inflammatory. Very healing as well. Juiced cabbage specifically works very well with reversing an ulcer. When we look to a problem with an ulcer, you can take a cabbage, you can juice it, and then drink that juice and it’s really, really excellent for reversing this issue.

Bone broth because it has collagen in it, has lots of great minerals in it, very good for ulcer relief and healing that. And then garlic because it works as a gentle anti-bacterial just like the coconut oil does. Using garlic is powerful too because remember, that there’s a good chance that there can be H. pylori and some bacteria that you don’t want in there involved. These gentle anti-bacterial are very powerful in this case.

The next here is supplements. When we look at supplements, once again, we use supplements just because we’re going to be able to actually get relief faster and heal this thing faster using some really good high doses of different nutritional compounds that are designed to heal. When we look at the GI – Repair powder, the GI – Repair powder is great because it has aloe vera in it, it has deglycyrrhizined licorice root extract, it also has arabinogalactan, and it has L-glutamine which are all very powerful for healing an ulcer and reversing this problem.

Then the next is Probiotic Strength. We want to make sure that we’re putting the good probiotics in there just so we can help get rid of some of that bad bacteria. Probiotic Strength is really powerful as well. What I’ll do is I’ll put a link to those in the description below.

Now, foods you need to avoid. First of all, coffee. You want to think anything acidic, so coffee is definitely, certainly an acidic drink that you want to avoid. The next – when it comes to drinks that you want to avoid – you also want to make sure that you’re avoiding apple cider vinegar. There are a lot of people who are going and drinking apple cider vinegar and then telling me, “I had this awful burning in my stomach, like terrible pain.” Well, there’s a good chance that you have an ulcer. That’s why you’re getting a terrible pain when trying to drink apple cider vinegar. The same goes for people who are trying to drink kombucha. If you have an ulcer, that’s going to be very painful. Anyway, acidic drinks you need to stay away from.

Chocolate as well. You want to stay away from that. Milk, spicy or acidic foods. We want to make sure that we’re avoiding anything spicy because that’s just going to burn and feel terrible. Anything acidic. A lot of different fruits out there, we’re going to want to make sure that we’re staying away from those simply because they will cause that ulcer to hurt and flare up. And then, alcohol.

We have to not only make sure that we’re avoiding these foods, implementing these supplements, throwing some of these home remedies in there to kind of just further help the issue but then, also make sure that if we’re someone who’s using a whole bunch of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or if we’re someone who is under excessive stress, someone who is drinking a lot of alcohol, we want to make that we’re avoiding that as well.

Then, of course, if it’s due to an H. pylori infection, you’re going to want to get that checked out and so make sure that you are avoiding these things as well if you have an ulcer and you just have a burning, gnawing pain that just doesn’t seem to go away and it seems to persist or even flare up at different times of the day or night.

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