[VIDEO] Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

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In order to have kidney health for life, you must know the common habits that damage your kidneys. Allow me to explain…Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

It’s important to know what damages your kidneys because it is estimated by the year 2030 that kidney disease is going to have increased by a staggering 16 percent. This is scary because if you have ever known someone who has had kidney failure and then had to go through the process of kidney dialysis, then you know that it is no way to live as it lowers your quality of life to a unprecedented level.

Kidney damage causes are identified in this video. They are things that are as simple as you’re not drinking enough water, all the way to things you would have never thought of like too much caffeine. Other habits to avoid to prevent kidney failure is too much protein, eating processed foods, painkillers, and excess alcohol consumption. These are all habits that damage your kidneys.

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs, one on either side of your spine, located right below your rib cage. The kidneys will often cause symptoms like low back pain when they are under stress. Kidney disease symptoms are not the only thing that causes low back pains. So, if you have low back pain that persists you should seek out advice from your doctor.

You only have one set of kidneys so you want to take care of them. Be sure to avoid the top 8 habits that damage your kidneys seriously so that you can live a life full of health and longevity.

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[Video Transcription] Habits That Damage Your Kidneys | Beware Of These!

In this video I will uncover your daily habits that are damaging your kidneys.  Hi, Ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski and welcome back to the channel. It is a pleasure to have you here. If your new subscribe, hit that bell notification join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your life.

In this video were talking about habits that damage your kidneys. If you have daily habits that damage your kidneys it is good to know about them but also to make sure that you stop doing it because the kidneys are very important. Their two bean shaped organs that sit behind and right below the rib cage. They play a important role in things like red blood cell production, maintaining proper blood pressure, keeping your bones strong and disposing of the toxins in your body. So, it is very important that were working on keeping these organs healthy.

Now when we look at kidneys. Kidney disease and kidney failure, it is estimated to rise by 16%. Now if you have every known someone who has gone through kidney disease or gone through kidney failure and they have been through the process of dialysis. You would know that, that is not a way to live. So, we not only want to have quantity of live but also quality of life. That is going to start with making sure our kidneys are functioning well.

Now, when we look at some of the things that damage your kidneys first of all sugar and carbs are high on the list.  You know why? Because essentially these are going to lead to diabetes. When we look at sugar and carbs this is going to cause insulin sensitivity issues and that is going to put strain on the kidneys. Sugar and carbohydrates, we need to remove sugar from our diet and also eat a low carb diet. That is going to be the best way to live and the best way to keep your kidneys functioning well for a long period of time. The next is painkillers this is an epidemic. So many people are taking Tylenol on a regular basis and painkillers that are ultimately putting a lot of stress not only on the kidneys but the colon and the liver. When we look at painkillers in general, they are not a type of pain relief without any type of side effects. Everything in life has a paid price to action. The paid price of taking painkillers is you are breaking down kidney, liver, and colon function and in most cases, it says it right on the packaging. So we have to make sure that when we look at painkiller that were looking to natural, noninflammatory but also that we are looking for natural ways to reduce pain if that is a problem for us.

Next here is smoking. You know smoking breaks down the body in so many ways that I shouldn’t even have to mention it, but it breaks down all areas of the body and that includes that the kidneys. If you are smoking make sure you stop doing that.

Next is alcohol, you know of course alcoholics are going to have really bad kidney issues, but we want to make sure were not over consuming anything. We want to make sure when it comes to everything, we are using it in moderation. Alcohol is fine if you are consuming it in a way that is not healthy. We have to make sure when it comes to alcohol that we limit our alcohol use so that we can really make sure our kidneys are not being stressed from that overuse of alcohol.

Next is caffeine, you know caffeine and sugar kind of go together. First of all, a lot of people are drinking coffee loaded with sugar. If you think of these big coffee chains like Starbucks for instance. A lot of people are getting those coffees that are loaded with sugar, so they are getting caffeine and the sugar. Then next thing you know their going from the coffee to a sugary soda. So once again everything in moderation. When we look at caffeine, we have to make sure were not over consuming the caffeine because that is going to put strain on the kidneys and so you know once again 1-2 cups of coffee a day isn’t going to be a big deal, but we defiantly don’t want to be drinking more than that as far as coffee goes. And we don’t want to be drinking a bunch of other caffeinated beverages the rest of the day.

Next is decreased fluid or water. You know, first of all, a lot of people are not drinking enough water. I did a video on how much water you should drink on a regular basis and I’ll put it in the description below in the resources section so you can look at that video if that is something that interest you but not only do we have to drink sufficient water so that were going and getting those toxins flushed out of our body but we have to make sure were actually drinking water. A lot of people are drinking coffees, sodas and teas anything but water. We need to focus on drinking water and getting sufficient amounts so that we can keep those toxins moving in our body.

Next here is processed foods. Processed foods are going to put a lot of strain on the body because they are loading with artificial ingredients, their loaded with dyes, and all kinds of toxins essentially the body has to deal with. These toxins don’t magically leave the body somehow. The colon, the liver, the kidneys have to deal with these toxins so processed foods make sure your avoiding them.

Next here is too much protein. It is estimated if you are getting too much protein on a daily basis it is going to put too much stress on the kidneys. We want to make when were looking at our diet that were thinking low carb, moderate protein and high fat. As a matter of fact I’ll go ahead and put in the description a cookbook and diet guide that my wife and I wrote and that is what we correlate low carb, moderate protein and high fat but we also show you how to eat whole foods and take the processed foods out and remove sugar using other alternatives to sweeten your food, drinks or desserts. Then also taking these carbs and making sure were not focusing on healthy carb, but also low carb. I’ll put that in the description below here.

Dr. Z’s Low Carb Diet Cookbook: http://bit.ly/2kgnwcC

The last one here is blood pressure. If you are someone who has chronic severe blood pressure it is going to put a lot of damage and stress on the kidneys. So, we have to make sure that if we have high blood pressure that were taking the steps to naturally reverse that high blood pressure there are things like olive leaf extract that are very powerful for reducing blood pressure. Losing weight, following a good diet like the one that I just mentioned but also if you have high blood pressure you need to go visit your doctor as well to deal with that because if it becomes an issue that keeps going on and on for weeks on end you are going to damage your kidneys.

Another thing I want to mention here to is I will post a link to a video that I did on the top herbs you can take to repair and restore kidney function and I’ll also put some of the top supplements that I suggest for actually reversing some of these kidney issues that people face today.

Make sure that if you are someone who has some of these terrible habits that are damaging your kidneys that you go and start taking these out of your life style.

Other than that, give this video a thumbs up and share it with your friends. If you have questions put it in the comment section below and subscribe to my channel if you have not done so yet. Then check out my other videos on how to improve your health and I will see you in the next video.