My 3 Favorite Healthy Snacks at Work

I must admit that I am a big snacker. Between action-packed work days and high-intensity workouts, I find myself getting hungry quite often between meals. This is especially true on days that I workout heavily. That’s why I keep healthy snacks at work.

It’s always important to have healthy snacks at work, because if you don’t, you are going to be grabbing the candy bars, chips, and whatever vending machine garbage that is available.

When you think about the foods that you are eating, you should always be thinking:

“What does my body need nutritionally?”

The one thing that nobody’s body needs is more fat around the abdomen, so you want to stay away from the high-carb, high-starch, high-sugar foods. These are the biggest culprits for that tire around the mid-section.

When I consider the foods that I can quickly grab that are going to hold me over, I grab a food high in protein. To make this easier for me on a day-to-day basis, I like to have healthy snacks at work that are just there for me and won’t spoil quickly.

Before I go into my 3 favorite healthy snacks at work, I want to give you one success tip: Have a tall glass of water at your work station at all times. If it not there, you won’t drink it. If you aren’t keeping water at your desk, you’re most likely not consuming enough liquids during the day, causing you to not only be dehydrated, but also mistaking being thirsty, for being hungry.
Healthy Snacks at Work

Bison Jerky – I particularly like bison jerky because it is a high quality meat and protein source. I like my jerky to come from a grass-fed, organic source. As far as flavors, I typically go with the original. The ingredients are more simple and don’t have additives. Even organic brands can have some poor quality additives. So keep it simple with original.

Trail Mix – I like to mix up a big bad of trail mix that has XYZ in it. You want to make sure that the nuts and seeds are raw because they are the most nutrient dense. Also, when you buy the dried fruit for the mix, make sure there is no sugar added, because most dried fruits are sugar coated. My favorite blend contains almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, and raisins.

Apple & Peanut Butter: Nothing here but a good old green apple (organic) with either almond butter or peanut butter on it. For almond butter, I prefer the Justin’s brand. For peanut butter, I use any Valencia peanut butter. It is better quality and better for you.

Do you have a favorite office snack? Please share below.