Burn Belly Fat While You Rest – Cold Thermogenesis

As I write this, I’m sitting here freezing my buns off. I have goosebumps all over my core, and am starting to get shakes I’m so cold. Why would I do this? Well, in the name of health of course! While I’m no Wim Hof, I certainly believe in the benefits of icing, AKA cold thermogenesis, and have made it a part of my daily life. Burn Belly Fat While You Rest with Cold Thermogenesis

I am always looking for new ways to shut down inflammation in my body, cut excess fat, and excel my health to new levels. So with this in mind, I recently came across some very interesting research on cold therapy, or cold thermogenesis, that was quite compelling. And I had to try cold thermogenesis out myself in order to see what kind of results could be gained from it.

Before I go into the details, I want to mention another thing that caught my attention. And that is a $50,000 piece of workout equipment called The Vasper. This machine combines anaerobic exercise with cooling of the body in order to achieve “out of this world” results, or so the users claim.

Because we all don’t have $50,000 to spend on a piece of workout equipment, I have some compelling news:

You can still benefit greatly from the effects of cold thermogenesis and not spend 50k.

I personally have used cold thermogenesis for years and have done so through cold showers or baths. This is a technique I learned from a friend training who was training for the Olympics. In order to meet the demand of her strenuous workouts, she took cold baths daily. So, I would take cold baths and/or showers back in college when I played hockey in order to recover quickly.

But let’s face it, cold showers and baths aren’t for the faint of heart. Yet most of us still want to benefit from the amazing benefits of cold thermogenesis. Here are some of the claimed benefits of utilizing cold thermogenesis.

  • boost metabolism upwards of 400%
  • burn calories and fat
  • help build muscle
  • increased insulin sensitivity
  • improved exercise recovery
  • boosted immune system
  • injury management
  • enhanced rest and relaxation
  • achieve deeper sleep
  • rebalance hormones
  • achieve primal health and cellular longevity
  • reduce inflammation

I’m sure everyone wants at least a handful of these benefits. The most compelling thing about cold thermogenesis is that is has many of the same benefits and working out in a fasted state, but, it is much easier on your body.

Brown Fat ActivationBrown Fat Activation - Cold Thermogenesis

Brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a special fat, and when you become cold, brown fat “turns on” and burnoff your regular fat on your hips, stomach, legs, and so on, in order to generate heat to warm your body. Cold thermogenesis activates brown fat! So you can literally burn belly fat while you rest.


The Skinny on Brown Fat

  • most mammals have brown fat (BAT), to keep them warm and to survive during hibernation
  • burns regular “white fat” in order to generate heat (white fat = white adipose tissue = regular fat on stomach, hips, legs, cellulite)
  • embryologically related to muscle tissue
  • high number of mitochondria & vascular supply (gives brown color)
  • abundant in human babies; BAT decreases as humans age or gain fat
  • women tend to have more BAT than men
  • accumulates near major vessels of the trunk, so as to directly warm blood
  • increases in amounts when one is consistently exposed to cold (example: outside seasonal workers develop more BAT over winter months)
  • our ancestors probably had much more BAT (and were thus leaner) as they did not have constant indoor heating

Collectively, my research landed me with the Cool Fat Burner vest.   With a 110% money back guarantee, I figured, “how could I go wrong?” As I’ve been siting here writing this article, I am strapped with my ice-packed vest and covered in goose bumps. I am able to burn belly fat while I rest (or at least while I’m working at my desk).

My goal is to stay in a cooled state for about a half hour in order to achieve the desired results.

In addition to my cold showers, I workout in this ice vest, and sit down and work at my desk in the ice vest. It’s one of the things I love about wearing ice vests: the versatility. Plus, I don’t need to spend 50K on The Vasper to get “out of this world” results.

Cool Fat Burner - Cold Thermogenesis

To wrap it up I would recommend utilizing cold thermogenesis for all the above mentioned reasons. If you too would like to burn belly fat while you rest, workout, and go about your daily activities, all while promoting recovery, hormone balancing, deeper sleep and relaxation, and cellular longevity, then I’d recommend you start those cold bath/showers and invest in a Cool Fat Burner vest.