[VIDEO] The Truth About Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has been a staple food for decades.  But in this video, I’ll uncover the truth about peanut butter and how it impacts your health.

The Truth About Peanut ButterWhen we look at healthy peanut butter there is so much to take into consideration. Most people ask me “is peanut butter good for you?” and the response is maybe. There are so many junk peanut butters on the market that are loaded with toxins, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils, all which create inflammation in the body. So lets explore the truth about peanut butter.

Peanut butter can be a healthy food but it is important to read labels.

The best peanut butter in many cases isn’t peanut butter at all. Great options other than peanut butter are almond butter and sunflower seed butter. If that doesn’t do it for you and you must have peanut butter, then look to Valencia peanut butter. The reason Valencia peanut butter is better is simply because it isn’t grown on the ground, so therefore it doesn’t have mold issues along with aflatoxins. Some people will even refer to this as a keto peanut butter as it is one of the best for using while on the ketogenic diet.

The truth about peanut allergies isn’t that peanuts have changed at all. It’s the fact that peanuts have been increasingly sprayed with toxins that have made them to be a very toxic food. So what is the healthiest peanut butter you ask? The best peanut butter is an organic Valencia Peanut butter. My family and I have used this for years and it is the only one we bring into our home as it is more likely to be free of mold and free of pesticides, herbicides, and all the other toxins sprayed on peanut butter.

It is so important to remove toxins from our diet and always make better choices. We can still enjoy all the things we love but we have to seek out whole foods that allow us to thrive in our health.

Next, watch the video on the truth about peanut butter!

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[Video Transcription] The Truth About Peanut Butter | Must See!

In this video, I will uncover the truth about peanut butter.

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In this video, we are talking about the truth about peanut butter. This is a really interesting topic because all the time when I am at the gym, I hear the trainer’s telling their trainees to have peanut butter and toast for breakfast and put peanut butter on a bagel, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter, and apples, make sure that you are eating lots of peanut butter. I always cringe when I hear this because there is a lot to know about peanut butter and if you don’t know this you are probably putting a lot of toxins in your body. Let’s go ahead and talk about what you need to know about peanut butter and then some better options. So let’s get started and explore the truth about peanut butter.

The first thing that you need to know is sugar and really all of these things are related to the label. Paying attention to the label. Make sure you are reading the label on your peanut butter. So first here is sugar, we have to make sure that we are avoiding peanut butter with sugar it. Much of it has that in there just for, first of all, to make it taste better, more appealing, but also to make it more addictive. We know that sugar is very addictive to the brain so the brand with the most sugar in it is typically the brand that the average person might like most. The other problem with sugar is that the sugar that is in the peanut butter is typically in the way of corn syrups. We have to make sure that we are avoiding sugar all together and of course the ones with the really bad sources of sugar in it, which is corn syrup.

Next here on out list is hydrogenated oils. When we look at these peanut butters, they typically have very cheap oils in them. Like cottonseed oil or soybean oil and it is just to keep the price down but it is also to make it very creamy. People tend to like that more. But hydrogenated oils drag inflammation into our body and are very unhealthy for us. We want to make sure that it has no bad oils to it. Even organic brands typically have hydrogenated oils added right in.

Next here on our list is molasses. I have no idea why peanut butter needs molasses but a lot of it does have it in it. And then next is aflatoxin, basically, aflatoxin is a mold that is grown on the peanuts, simply because the peanuts are growing on the ground. The peanuts that are growing on the ground have these aflatoxins in them and it has been found to be linked to cancer. So we have to make sure that we are aware of that too. And then last here on our list is toxins. When we look at peanuts they are very highly sprayed during the growing process, they are covered with pesticides, herbicides and the glysophate, as well. We want to make sure that we are getting good quality peanut butter, typically the organic, at the very least so that we know they are not covered in toxins throughout the cold growing process.

Let’s look at some better options. First of all, many people love peanut butter, but there are other options besides peanut butter and the first here is almond butter. What I recommend is a nice, raw almond butter and I recommend raw because what that means is that it hasn’t been roasted and that means that the fats within the almonds have been denatured. Getting a raw almond butter is a great option.

The next here is Valencia peanut butter. Valencia peanut butter is a better option because it is not grown on the ground. The peanuts are grown off the ground in more of like a bush and essentially it does not get the mold issue so it does not have the aflatoxin issue. Valencia peanut butter is a great option. Typically you can find that at Trader Joe’s and then the other great option is peanut butter that comes from jungle peanuts and that is typically a little bit harder to find, but the Internet makes it a little bit easier if you want a jungle peanut, peanut butter.

Last here is sunflower seed butter. Once again, if you don’t like peanut butter or you have a sensitivity to almonds there is always a sunflower seed butter and that is great because it actually comes from the seed. It is loaded with vitamin E, magnesium, good quality fats, and even protein. When we look at sunflower seed butter it is a great option, as well. I will try to find good resources for these right here and put it in the description below, if I find them.

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