The Power of Our Programs!

By April 10, 2017Health

If you’re looking to heal yourself at home through whole food nutrition, or cell detoxification then you’re closer than you’ve ever been to making this dream a reality. Recently, NuVision Excel released two brand new programs that allow you to regain your health back in a realistic and cost effective manner. The best part about these programs is that you can follow along in the comfort of your home. There are no expensive consultations or sitting in a waiting room to meet with your preventative health professional. Dr. Zyrowski is teaching these programs and available to you 24/7.

These programs are the Total Nutrition Makeover Program and the Cellular Detoxification Program.  We started with these two programs as these are the two biggest reasons people contact NuVision Excel on a regular basis. When these questions were asked, they were so hard to answer because I couldn’t physically show you what I am referring to; however, now I can. We use a combination of video, booklets, and community resources to teach you everything you need to know about these two topics.

Why the Cellular Detoxification Program?

As a doctor who focuses on the science of cellular detoxification, I find that many people are very misinformed on the topic. This is because online marketers try to sell you on doing a cellular detox in order to push product, but what they don’t tell you is that you can increase the effectiveness of the detox tenfold by implementing some simple strategies along the way. They don’t want you to know this because they would rather have you detox ineffectively for months, rather than effectively for a few weeks. There is an option to get help from a doctor on this topic, in some one-on-one consultation time, but that isn’t going to happen for less than $300 in most cases.

Cellular detoxification is so important because we live in a toxic world. From our drinking water to our homes, all the way to the food that we eat, 21st century living is a toxic mess. Hundreds of toxins have been found in the blood of newborns and it is an accumulation of these toxins that drive inflammation and make up the onslaught of disease that we see today.

Cellular detoxification allows you to delve into the deep tissues of the body, pull toxins out, and eliminate them from your body. The Cellular Detoxification program not only teaches how to detox effectively, but also how to avoid future affliction. The Cellular Detoxification Program also teaches you how to create a non toxic environment in your home, the workplace, and at your dinner table.

Commonly, people who partake in a cellular detox are suffering from an unexplainable illness, or just to maintain health and wellbeing. People who have followed the cellular detox program have left incredible reviews outlining the results and raving about the comprehensive nature of the plan.

Why the Total Nutrition Makeover Program?

The Total Nutrition Program continues to be a lot of fun to be a part of. This program is special because it is my wife and I sharing all of the knowledge we have developed over the past 10 years in regards to eating right, cooking clean, and engineering a healthy kitchen.

As mentioned above, questions around healthy eating have come at us on a consistent basis ever since we released the Heal Yourself Cookbook. In order to provide the full spectrum of what healthy eating entails, it would take hours of consulting which could be very costly. In order to streamline this process and help as many people as possible, my wife and I bring you right into our kitchen showing you everything you need to know in the Total Nutrition Makeover Program. Healthy eating goes far beyond just choosing better quality food. The methods in which you prepare, cook and store food can change it from a healthy meal into a toxic cuisine you’d be better off running from.

People who have followed the information outlined in this program have reversed chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes, lost weight, gained lean muscle, increased their energy, and got the life they longed for back.

You see, so many people are out there suffering needlessly. Instead of true healing methods through a better lifestyle, many people are given pills, potions, and magical solutions that do nothing other than cover up the underlying havoc going on within the body. Feeding your body whole food nutrition is the key to healing and avoiding a life of sickness and suffering. This program doesn’t include expensive weight loss shakes, prepackaged weight loss meals and all the nonsense that requires paying big bucks to get the life you deserve. It teaches you how to fish for a lifetime, and gives you the nutrition facts without the costly additives of other programs.

The diet preached in this program is referred to as a non-inflammatory diet. This is important because all of the major diseases people face today are due to chronic inflammatory issues that occurred years before the disease was ever diagnosed. Imagine reversing the risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes by eating every day in a way that halted inflammation in its tracks. It’s not hard to make this your reality, today.

Final Thoughts

The information that I have been teaching my patients for years is now unlocked for easy access for the first time. You can now educate yourself in the comfort of your home for the fraction of what so many people have paid in the past. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and start making your dream a reality.