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Stem Cells

Stem cells and tissue regeneration is a hot topic. I see day after day people who have the extra cash to spend going and doing really expensive stem cell therapy treatments to improve their joint health or their overall body health. Stem cells have an incredible benefit to the body but it is very expensive to get stem cell treatments. I am a huge advocate of stem cell therapy but a bigger advocate of using natural ways to boost stem cells in the body, like fasting.

Fasting increases stem cells in the body once you hit a certain point in the fasting schedule.

According to research the PKA enzyme is turned off and that allows for the increase in stem cells in the body while fasting. In this video I discuss how long to fast so that you can increase these amazing cells in your body naturally, without spending huge amounts of money.

Stem cell therapy is a powerful way to combat painful degeneration in your joints and live a better quality of life that is pain free. Using them is very powerful and a holistic based way to heal injuries without doing invasive surgeries. Many people have reported being pain free post-stem cell therapy sessions. Sure, you can go to a place and get these stem cells injected and sure it may be necessary to get results in some cases. But why not increase stem cells naturally first and then look to the more expensive alternatives if that doesn’t work.
Fasting stem cells can considerably increase your quality of life.

I recommend giving it a shot and see how you can improve your health.

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[Video Transcription] Stem Cells | Fasting Boosts Your Stem Cells

In this video you’ll discover how to naturally boost stem cells in your own body.

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In this video we’re talking about stem cells and how you can actually boost them naturally. Which is super cool, right? You see all these people getting these fancy thousand-dollar injections in order to boost stem cells in their body and promote healing, especially as they age. Well, you can actually boost stem cells in your body, research proven, through fasting. Now stem cells if you’re not familiar with them, are unique cells with the ability to turn into many types of cells. So, for instance, they’re able to turn into brain cells, heart cells, blood cells – and as a result, they’re able to boost the function of these different organs of the entire body.

Now, when we look at stem cells as we age there’s a long process needed to boost these cells. Since they decline as we age, we start getting more issues because we lack the ability to gain more of them. When we look at how to boost stem cells, we can actually use fasting.

Now let’s look at what some of the research points to. A lot of it points to a 24 hour fast, which is why I’m a big advocate of it, once per week, or a three day fast once per month. When you look at fasts like these, you’re going to get that stem cell benefit. What the doctor’s research shows us is that it decreases PKA Enzymes, which flips that regenerative switch. That’s why fasting is so great! It reverses that age-related loss of stem cells, which is so powerful! It recycles old broken down cells that serve no purpose. You break them down, recycle them, and make new ones. It also protects against immune system damage. How many people are suffering from hyper-immunity, autoimmune disorders, etc? I recently did a video on the benefits of fasting that cover this, which I’ll put in the description below.

Benefits of Fasting

When we look at fasting in general, a lot of these people experience powerful results, since it boosts that raw material to help regenerate the body. So let’s go ahead and use fasting to boost these cells, and not just focus on these thousands-of-dollars-worth of therapies. Let’s do it naturally in the body, on a regular basis, and then from there we’ll see incredible improvements in our health!

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