[VIDEO] Good Fat Vs Bad Fat

Do you know good fat vs bad fat? For many people out there, there is a belief that fat is fat. It doesn’t matter what source it comes from; fat will simply contribute to weight gain and poor health. The reality is so much more complex. In fact, I would say that fats are essential to excel your health, provided they are the right kind of fats. I’m going to be talking about bad fats vs. healthy fats and how healthy fats support both cellular health, brain health, and inflammation. By eating specific high fat foods, you’ll help turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Good Fat Vs Bad FatSo what is the difference between good fats and bad fats? Well, good fats are necessary for life! 70 trillion cells in our bodies are surrounded by what’s called a Lipid bi-layer made of fat. Without good fat, these cells aren’t getting what they need. Here’s something that’s usually a pretty big surprise to people: your brain is 65% fat. Without good fats, your brain can’t function at an optimal level. Good fats help regulate hormones balance in the body and contribute to healthy skin. Keep reading to learn more about good fat vs bad fat!

As for bad fats, well, they can absolutely wreak havoc on the body. They attach themselves to cells, causing them not to function correctly. They can cloud your brain function, making it difficult to concentrate. They can crash your energy levels. And they also drive inflammation that can lead to chronic disease. In other words, they should be avoided!

Eating good fats is crucial for good health and it does NOT make you fat.

So, what are the fats that you want to consume on a regular basis and what are the ones you want to avoid, aka good fat vs bad fat? When you are looking for good fats, you want to consume grass-fed meats that were raised without antibiotics and other toxins. Wild fish are also fantastic. Farm fresh eggs, avocados, and a variety of nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats. And let’s not forget about coconut oil, which can be a fantastic cooking fat.

As for bad fats, well, you can probably guess what they are. Anything you eat in a fast food restaurant is likely to be a major source of bad fats. Trans fats, hydrogenated oils, conventional meats, and conventional dairy products are all bad fats.

Introducing more healthy fats into your diet and eliminating bad fats can show an almost immediate improvement to your health. If you want to give it a try, I recommend checking out the NuVision Excel Heal Yourself Cookbook that contains dozens of recipes that are full of delicious, healthy fats! If you’d like to learn more about healthy fats, you can find lots of information on the NuVision YouTube channel!

[Video Transcription] Good Fat Vs Bad Fat | Critical Dietary Information

In this video we are talking about good fat vs. bad fat.

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In this video we’re talking about good fat vs. bad fat. This is a topic that you hear me mention a lot and the reason for it is because when it comes to your overall health consuming good fats is so important. And avoiding the bad fats, I mean I can’t stress it enough. So what I’ll do is talk about this at a 3000ft overview and then I’ll jump into some of the sudden jaunes and things that you need to know about these different fats.

On the topic of good fat vs bad fat, first of all good fats are good for several reasons. First of all, they support cellular health. Everyone of our 70 trillion cells in the body are surrounded by something called a Lipid bi-layer made of fat. Okay, so we have to have good fats. The other thing is they support our brain health. Our brain is made up of 65%+ fat and if we’re not consuming good fats then our brain can’t function well. As a matter of fact, people who add a lot of good fats to their diet when they had a fat deficit diet, they notice the brain works so much better. Now the other thing is good fats are good for hormone optimization and balance. Their very important for skin health. Their important for organ health and so many different reasons.

So it is very important were adding these fats to our diet but conversely it is very important to make sure that were removing bad fats. First of all these bad fats have a 51 half life in the body meaning it takes 102 days for them to completely find a way out of the body after you consume them. During those 102 days your body is not operating as it should at an optimal level. Your brain is not functioning right, your cells are becoming congested because the bad fats are attaching to the cells and causing them to not function right. Also your energy levels are plummid. So the next time you think well I can just sneak in some french fries at your favorite fast food restaurant it does come at a cost. These bad fats are bad also because they attach to the cell membrane and they can create havoc throughout the entire body. They also will drive inflammation. The inflammation were talking about is what leads to chronic disease. So these bad fats should really be avoided at all cost because they have no useful purpose in your body. We want to stick to these good fats.

Now let’s jump into some of the details and some of the different good fats. Ok, first of all we will break it down into whole food fats. Okay? So, your good whole food fats are going to be meats. Were thinking grass fed meats, were thinking free range meats, and high quality sources. The reason that, that is important is because when we look at grass fed meats versus conventional meats, there are different nutrient profiles in it. The other point that needs to be made here is that animals store toxins in their fat. So when their raised in a unhealthy environment, when they are given a lot of different pharmaceuticals, those will be stored in their fat and essentially your consuming it. So, we want to be sure we eat high quality meats. The other thing we want to look for is wild caught fish. Then from there some good farm fresh eggs that are from free range chickens, avocados, coconut, nuts and seeds. When we look at nuts and seeds we want to consume these raw. Then olives and full fat dairy. Once again from high quality sources that are also grass fed is going to be very important. So, these are the whole food fats that offer a lot of good benefits to the body.

Next on our list is coconut oil, you see next to it that I put high heat. The reason that this is important is because when cooking with good fats you can turn them into a bad fat by overheating them. It turns them rancid, coconut oil has a very high heat point. It is the very best one to cook with if you are going to be doing any kind of frying or raising that heat to a high temperature.

Next on our list is butter, ghee and avocado oil. Once again great fats to have raw but also if you are going to cook with them you don’t want to cook with on anything more than medium heat. Because one that butter is in the pan and gone brown it has gone rancid. So we want to think of it that way, so medium heat here. Then when we look at fats that we can consume raw. Olive oil, help oil, flaxseed oil, MCT oil is all really great to consume raw.

The other thing I wanted to mention about good fats is that it is a high quality energy source. When we look at the two energy sources for the body we have sugar and we have fat. Sugar drives disease, it causes you to not feel as well, it causes hormone dysregulation, and it is also going to cause you to crash a lot. Fat on the other hand is not going to do that. It is going to be a sustainable energy source that promotes health, longevity and keeps you at a high level of focus all day long.

Now the last thing I want to mention about good fats is that when we have diet that is high in good fats, we aren’t going to crave the carbohydrates and sugars like we would if we didn’t have those good fats in our diet. Now these are the fats that we want to stay away from were thinking hydrogenated oils, trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils, were also thinking conventional meats and conventional dairy products. So we want to stay away from them for a lot of reasons as I already mentioned. They drive inflammation but they also are very unstable as far as heat and light will make them unstable and make them rancid very easily. Then the other thing that I need to mention about them is that most of them are going to be GMO and they are coming from genetic modified sources. So when we look at these fats were thinking canola, cottonseed, soybean, corn, sunflowers, safflower, and peanut oil, and then also margarine. Many of these oils are going to be the oils that are used in a lot of these restaurants that are frying foods. So we need to stay away from these so that we can live a healthy life and also optimize our health every single day.

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