The “Screw It” Strategy, Passive Income, & Female Entrepreneurship with Sylvie McCracken

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Can women really do and have it all? Sylvie McCracken is proof that women can! Sylvie McCracken is a female entrepreneur, wife & mother.

Sylvie didn’t start her business with trust fund money. She didn’t have things “handed to her”. She’s worked her tail off and has learned through experience how to start and grow a business while raising a family. Her unique perspective will really hit home to the female business professionals.

Time management is an essential skill every entrepreneur must learn, and Sylvie discusses practical strategies that she implements. She talks about how important it is to learn to say no, valuing your time, automating and delegating, and when it’s time to outsource. We also discuss how passive income is crucial to every entrepreneur’s success.

To follow Sylvie, visit her health blog: and check out her coaching business:

In this episode…

  • Building a business while working a full time day job.
  • FT Employee to FT Entrepreneur, a mindset transition.
  • The essential “Screw it” strategy of every successful entrepreneur.
  • How does being a female entrepreneur work with a family?
  • Juggling entrepreneurship with a family.
  • Outsourcing, delegating, and managing an online dream team.
  • When is it time to hire?
  • Time management for entrepreneurs.
  • Passive income, insurance for entrepreneurs.

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