Alright, grab a coffee/drink of choice and a notepad because this podcast is full of “Good Juicy Stuff”, especially on how to balance work & family like a boss.

Dana Malstaff AKA Boss Mom joins Dr. Zyrowski in this week’s episode of Excel Radio.   As a parent and entrepreneur herself, Dana understands the stress, burdens, joy, and freedom that come with this lifestyle. She has leveraged her experiences and her strategist abilities and wrote her best selling book “Boss Mom – The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro”. Today, Dana helps her clients with focus, visibility, and positioning so they can prioritize, time manage, and achieve results in their business while caring for their families.

Dana and Dr. Nick have exciting banter about the joys and struggles of raising a family and a business simultaneously. If you are also a parent and entrepreneur, you know that there’s some guilt that can come creeping in…guilt that you aren’t spending enough quality time with your kids, or guilt that you aren’t putting in enough at the business. You are constantly battling between the two. But Dana explains how to prioritize and develop confidence so you can give guilt the backseat and let your passion and love drive you.

When it comes to how to balance work & family, time management is probably the largest obstacle for parent entrepreneurs. Dana coaches her clients in a platform called Trello to help them manage their business effectively. But her real joy lies in helping her clients develop programs and create passive income in a way that fits into the lifestyle that they want to have. Whether you want to work 40 hours a week or only 20 hours, Dana helps develop your business structure so you can yield the best results for the energy you’re investing.

In this episode:

  • Learn Boss Mom’s #1 Time Management Resource
  • How to give guilt the boot
  • Do this crucial step first before you do ANYTHING else
  • Why the “If you build it, they will come” philosophy isn’t working in the online space (and what to do about it)
  • Best place to get quality market research – for free!
  • Three pillars of building your business
  • How to hire a coach that gets results and understands you


To follow Dana, visit www.boss-mom.comDana’s Trello Training
Dana’s Books

Book Referenced – Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
Example of someone Dana’s helped –

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