The DANGERS Of Environmental Toxins & How To Protect Yourself!

By July 8, 2020

Environmental toxins destroy so many people’s health. We live in a very toxic world. When we come into contact with these toxins, they build up in the body causing many types of health issues. Environmental toxins are in higher amounts than ever before. Therefore, we must be diligent in order to avoid common ailments that many people face. These environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors, causing neurological conditions and cellular toxicity.

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Toxic beauty products are a major contributor to the environmental toxicity. The average woman puts on hundreds of toxins in the morning before she leaves the house in the way of beauty products. These beauty products cause liver toxicity and many health issues. The major toxic beauty ingredients to avoid are makeup, hairsprays, perfumes/colognes, antiperspirants, shampoos, and conditioners.

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Toxic household chemicals and toxic household cleaners are making your home a very unsafe place to live. When you clean your home (between cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and clothing) you literally spread hundreds of dangerous chemicals throughout your home.

Environmental toxins and health conditions are directly correlated.

The amount of chemicals in our food supply is staggering. Conventionally raised fruits, vegetables, and meats all contain enormous amounts of chemicals that will slowly destroy your health after long term consumption.

Liver toxin removal and cellular detoxification is incredibly important as we come into contact with these toxins on a daily basis. If they are all to store up in the liver, it will become congested and from that point on, you can become very sick.

Heavy metal poisoning is another silent killer. When someone suffers from heavy metal poisoning, it seems that no matter what they do they can never become healthy. These metals lodge themselves in the deep tissue of the bones and brain causing many health problems of unknown origin for people.