HIIT For Fat Loss

By May 8, 2020

When I talk to my patients, one of their most common desires is to lose weight. They might exercise all the time, even eat great, but somehow they just can’t burn off the fat. Well in video, I’m going to give you the most effective workout you will ever use for burning fat, along with building muscle: High-I ntensity Interval Training (HIIT).

I’ve been doing HIIT for over five years and have been so impressed with the results it’s given me. HIIT is a workout that is done at a very intense level in a short period of time. So instead of going out for a run for 40-minutes, you will do 20-minutes of HIIT. This form of exercise gets your body going at a much higher heart rate, and it’s super efficient when it comes to time! Here’s how it can help you burn fat…

First, HIIT burns your sugar stores. When you do long-term cardio exercise, you tend to burn fat instead of sugar. With HIIT, your body is burning sugars during your exercise. When you exercise at an intense level, your body goes to the most readily available energy store, which is sugar! It’s basically a survival mechanism! Not only that, with HIIT your body is going to be burning fat for upwards of 48-hours after you finish.

Another benefit of HIIT is that it increases your human growth hormone levels (HGH). When your body burns sugar, it raises your HGH levels to help repair tissue and replenish your energy stores. Not only does it help your body burn fat, HGH also helps with muscle growth and builds strong bones, along with an anti-aging benefit.

Finally, HIIT also reduces your cortisol level, as compared to long-term cardio exercise. People who are training for long-distances have consistently high cortisol levels, causing inflammation and preventing fat burning. That’s fine in short duration, but when it becomes chronic, that’s an issue. With HIIT, this isn’t a problem as it will only boost your cortisol levels gently.