Coconut Oil Poison?

By April 15, 2020

Is coconut oil poison? This is a question we have received almost non stop after a Harvard Professor and the American Heart Association stated that you should stay away from coconut oil because it is a saturated fat that causes health problems and disease. This statement set the holistically-minded health community in a tizzy as people scratch their heads trying to figure out true from false.

Many tribes around the world eat diets very high in saturated fats and coincidentally they have some of the lowest heart disease statistics.

Let us call into question the validity of the Harvard statement. When we look at large organizations that make statements like these, it is often related to who is paying the organizations bills. It is very clear to see that the AHA allows for their logo to be stamped on garbage foods high in sugar, toxins, and carbohydrates as long as the food company is willing to make a donation.

In this video, I present the research I dug up on this topic to prove the coconut oil poison statement to be false.