Benefits of Essential Amino Acids

By May 15, 2020

Have you heard of the benefits of essential amino acids?  Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in the middle, Amino Recover is an incredible product for muscle building and recovery.

The reason this essential amino acid formula is so effective is because it’s based on science. Seventeen years and over twenty human trials have led us to this formula, the most effective amino acid formula on the market for strength, performance and recovery.

This essential amino acids supplement is incredibly powerful for sports performance. Never in my life was I able to maintain strength while distance running until I began supplementing with Amino Recover Essential Amino Acids. I accepted that during running season, I lost my strength and during weight lifting season I could get it back. I now maintain my strength while running and then build on it during the off season of running.

The benefits of essential amino acids go far beyond sports performance.

Clinically I have individuals taking it that are suffering from muscle wasting diseases. I also have the elderly who are recovering from an injury or trying to maintain strength take it and it works incredibly well.

This blend, known as Amino Recover, is 100% science based and clinically proven to be the most scientifically effective essential amino acid on the market. It is even research-proven to be more effective in lesser quantities compared to higher doses of low quality essential amino acid supplements.

All the research on Amino Recover is cited on the website. Over 25 citings back the Amino Recover blend as being the most effective essential amino acid for both the young and elderly in order to maintain strength.