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The skills that will help you build a good business are the same skills that will help you live a happier, more fulfilling personal life. Michael J. Gelb, best selling author of the book The Art of Connection, joins Dr. Zyrowski in discussing the core elements that are necessary to build good relationships.

As Michael explains, good relationships are the cornerstone to a variety of different areas of happiness and success in life. Good relationships are a critical element in implementing good ideas, developing innovative culture in the workplace, generating revenue, and having a happy home life. His advice is predicated on his experience as well as thorough research in the areas of neuroscience and psychology.

In this episode, Michael Gelb discusses the basic principles that he teaches in his book The Art of Connection and the importance of each in your journey to making and deepening good quality relationships.   You’ll learn:

  • Recognizing the importance of connecting
  • How to focus on the connection instead of on the transaction by connecting before solving
  • How to understand how challenging communication is
  • How emotions are scientifically contagious
  • Why you want to be “a glow worm”
  • How to achieve the Three Liberations
  • What your personality type is
  • How to identify your limitations and move beyond them
  • How to manage and transform conflict


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Michael J. Gelb’s Books Include:

  • The Art of Connection
  • How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci
  • How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci Workbook
  • Innovate like Edison
  • Creativity on Demand
  • Discover Your Genius
  • Brain Power – Improve Your Mind as You Age
  • Body Learning
  • Present Yourself
  • 5 Keys to High Performance

To book Michael Gelb as a Keynote Speaker, or to find out more about him, visit

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