[VIDEO] Processed Foods Vs Unprocessed Foods

By May 1, 2019Diets

Processed Foods Vs Unprocessed Foods is a video that teaches on the importance of eating a whole food diet for health and well-being.

Processed Foods Vs Unprocessed Foods

The processed foods to avoid are typically quite obvious. We go to the store and we see many aisles loaded with foods that contain artificial ingredients, flavors, and food coloring that are destroying the health of the general public. The unprocessed foods list that we should be eating  is typically much shorter than the processed food that people buy for cheap and in large amounts. In this video, you discover that not only is the junk food causing you to have inflammation and health issues but also it’s causing you to eat more on a daily basis, driving an obesity problem.

Eating unprocessed foods (or a whole food diet) is crucial for overall health. When you eat whole unprocessed foods, you essentially are eating nutrient rich foods that have not been altered from their original state. As a result, they nourish and support healing in the body. The worst processed foods are those that contain a laundry list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. When you read a label and see ingredients you can’t pronounce or understand, that is the first indication that you picked up a food that you shouldn’t be eating. Unprocessed foods vs processed foods is a topic that many people don’t focus on but it is truly the key to true health and well-being.

One of the quickest ways to destroy your health is through eating a highly processed, high sugar, and high carb diet.

Once you get away from eating junk food and move towards eating healthy foods, you’ll decrease inflammation in the body and as a result feel better, look better, and increase your overall health exponentially.

Processed food dangers involve in increase risk in cancer, heart disease, and inflammation. It goes further to disrupt brain function, cause hormone imbalance, and disrupt the whole body function. Moral of the story is, if you want true health and to consume a lesser amount of calories, eat a whole food diet.

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[Video Transcription] Processed Foods Vs Unprocessed Foods

In this video, we’ll discuss Processed Food Vs Unprocessed Food and how it affects your health. 

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In this video, we’re talking about Processed Food vs Unprocessed Food. More specifically, we’re talking about what’s considered to be a groundbreaking new study, looking at these different foods in the way of food consumption. Now, when we look at foods in general, we pretty much know that we’re not supposed to be eating processed food – it’s not good for us. I think that when it comes to dieting, a lot of people can get confused and some of the different macro nutrient levels – people can get confused and some of those details – but in general, we know that it’s not good to be eating processed food. They’re loaded with a bunch of garbage, like corn syrup, which just spikes up your blood sugar, it spikes up your insulin levels. It’s a very highly processed sugar, not good to consume. Artificial flavors, which basically means the food is so terrible that they’re putting artificial flavors in it just to make it more attractive and tastes better. Artificial colors – it’s a fact that humans are attracted and bright colored food is a survival mechanism. We look at fruits and vegetables, very bright colored food. So, a lot of very poor-quality processed food is typically in very bright colors. So, they put all these artificial colors to make it very attractive. Corn oil, which is going to drive inflammation in the body. Bleached white flours and other staples are in a lot of processed food. Now there’s many more ingredients, but that’s not the point. The point is, first of all, we know that it’s unhealthy.

But we want to talk about this study here. Now, there was a study done by the National Institute of Health by Kevin Hall. Basically, what they did is they took 10 males and 10 females and they did a 28-day study. Now, for the two first two weeks of this study, what they were consuming is a processed food diet. And the second two weeks of the study, they went and did a whole food diet. And when we think of whole foods, we’re thinking of salad, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, high quality meat sources. We’re thinking of whole foods in that way. And so during this study, 28 days, they were also told that they could eat as much as you want. So hey, when you’re eating these processed foods, eat as much as you want, eat until you’re full, eat until you feel good, all right? Then when it came to the whole foods, do the same thing. Eat as much as you want, feel satiated, okay? Now at the end of this study, basically what they found is that when consuming the processed food diet, the participants on average consumed 508 more calories per day. So that is pretty incredible to find that if we’re eating a bunch of junk food on a regular basis, we’re activating those craving centers in the brain – the hunger centers in the brain. Overall we’re consuming much, much more calories.

So anyway, when we look at process food, not only is it terrible because of all the awful ingredients in it, which is going to cause us to gain weight, inflammation, and so many other problems, but it also is going to cause us to consume more. Now, when we look at this study, one of the things that they want it to look at is they thought, maybe possibly processed food could be related obesity in the chronic disease problem that’s going on today. Now at the end of this study, they concluded that eating a whole food diet may be a very good way to go in and treat not only obesity, but also this chronic disease epidemic. 

So, when we look at processed food versus unprocessed food, stay away from the processed stuff because if you’re trying to lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle, and you’re eating processed food, you’re going to want to eat a lot more calories. And the facts are there in the research showing us that, on average, people are consuming 508 more calories per day. 

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