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Want to break free of the shackles of an average life and accomplish more than you ever thought possible?

Healthy MindHaving a truly healthy mind is a crucial part of having a healthy body. Being relaxed, focused, confident, and motivated plays a large role in maximizing your energy and your life. Many people don’t realize this, but the mind is extremely influential in the state of your health. It affects your energy levels, your immune system, and more. By experiencing life from a different, more positive point of view, you will see things more clearly and handle stress much better than you did before. A right, renewed, revived mindset about health and life is necessary in order to commit to any lifestyle change.

Dr. Weil is one of many that have researched the link between our mind and our body. During his research at Harvard University, he discovered that external agents are not the cause of disease. Instead, they are agents that are waiting to cause certain symptoms in susceptible bodies. We become more susceptible by poor nutrition, stress/worry, poor sleep habits, and spinal misalignment.

So how do you equip yourself to have a positive mindset? There are several strategies to help you eliminate your negative thinking and provide lasting positive changes in your life.

Enlightening Questions

Good things don’t happen and bad things don’t happen; things happen! Our life is a series of events, and the meanings we give those events become them. What do I mean? For example, you may say you had a horrible childhood. The truth is, no you didn’t. You had a childhood that you gave horrible meanings to. Does that make sense?

Another way to view this is if you have a negative number and put the absolute value |-5|, then you just have 5. Similarly, the absolute value sign is around each event in our lives, and we determine what meaning we attach to the event. We have the capability to dump out the negative meanings attached to the events in our life and give them positive meanings.

How do we do that? When something happens to you, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What does this mean? (Just explain what happened unbiasly)
  2. What do I need to learn? (Learning must be positive, about yourself, and about the future – what you will learn)
  3. How can I integrate this? (How will you integrate what you’ve learned into your life)
  4. How can I share this? (Share this with other people to improve their lives)

By asking yourself these empowering questions, you are not only going to positively impact your life and your belief system, but you will be positively impacting those around you with an event that you previously would have deemed “bad”.

Your greatest challenges can be your greatest gifts, if you choose it.

Overcome Hindering Beliefs

Your beliefs have been programmed into your mind throughout your life. Hindering beliefs are those that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. They are false ideas you have about yourself, so they are making it harder for you to reach your goals by stirring up the sense of doubt.

For example, have you ever wanted to change, but kept reverting back to your old bad habits? It could have been a lack of discipline, or it could be a hindering belief, a roadblock to a better version of you.

You must find out what hindering beliefs you have and overcome them. Some examples include:

  • I’m too old to ____.
  • I can’t afford that.
  • I can’t lose the weight.
  • I’m never going to be successful.
  • I’m lazy and hate to exercise.

You will act in accordance with your belief system, whether it is true or not. Often times, hindering beliefs are in your blind spots, meaning you don’t even recognize you have them. Honest self examination will help reveal the hindering beliefs that are creating interference between where you are and where you want to be. Develop empowering beliefs that let you know that there is always a way if you are committed. This can be done by practicing positive incantations.

Positive Incantations

Beliefs are formed by the way you think, or by the internal conversations you have with yourself all day long, called self-talk. Your subconscious mind records this without putting up a fight. So if you tell yourself all day that you are ugly, your subconscious will believe you are ugly.

So if you are who you say you are, then say it positively! You can reprogram your beliefs about yourself by repeating positive incantations. Positive incantations are the empowering affirmations that change the way we view ourselves and will propel us into better versions of ourselves.

Go for at least a five minute walk everyday. During your walk, say powerful words that remind you how strong you are as a person and the capability you have to do whatever you set you mind to. Say these words with passion, purpose, certainty, and say them loudly.

Every day in every way, I’m getting stronger and stronger
Every day in every way, I’m getting healthier and healthier.
Everything I need is within me now.
I’m in control of my own actions.

You can make up your own that suit your life and what you ultimately want to become. Say these daily, because the words we say are ultimately who we become.

Implementing these strategies will improve your attitude and help you in achieving peace, happiness, health, and wealth.

God Bless! Live with Vitality!
Dr. Nick Zyrowski

Want to break free of the shackles of an average life and accomplish more than you ever thought possible?