Want to learn about the health benefits of CBD? Keep reading and listen to this podcast episode.

Marijuana isn’t just about getting high; this plant has been used for thousands of years in Eastern Medicine, and now research can prove the medicinal benefits of tis plant. But now science has taken it a step further. We are able to get all the benefits of weed without getting high through the use of cannabidiol (CBD).

There is much confusion on this topic of CBD vs. weed. But our CBD expert James Sol Radina with BioCBD comes on the show to clear up the misinformation and help you learn about the health benefits of CBD. You see, cannabis is a family name that consists of the hemp plant (male part) and the marijuana plant (female). CBD is found in marijuana and hemp, as is THC. Although both CBD and THC are naturally found in cannabis plants, THC is the part that gets you high. CBD is used for medicinal purposes, without any anxiety or psychoactivity.

CBD from hemp is 100% legal in all 50 states and 40+ other countries. But like everything, all CBD products are not created equal. Some CBD oils have poor bioavailability, with only 5-10% of the CBD actually being used in your body. But CBD products like BioCBD are 100% bioavailable and are free from chemical additives. BioCBD products are naturally extracted from the hemp plant using curcumin, one of the world’s most powerful compounds on the planet.

In this episode, Dr. Zyrowski & James discuss the benefits of CBD extracts and CBD oils for everything from athletic recovery, sports performance, sleeping, pain, stress, anxiety, neurological disorders, and even cancer. They review just a few of the thousands of CBD healing stories, including Little Lance. He’s been 3 years bout free from his Chron’s disease thanks to CBD. James also reveals three different ways to utilize CBD and when to use each.

In this episode:

  • What is CBD? What is THC?
  • Why using cannabidiol does NOT make you high
  • The 100% legal way to get all the health benefits of weed without marijuana
  • What CBD really is and isn’t
  • Is CBD right for you?
  • The amazing therapeutic benefits CBD
  • Best way to use cannabidiol: Topically vs. Capsules vs. Vape Pens
  • How to get CBD that is 100% bioavailable
  • What is the difference between Hemp & Marijuana?
  • Why many are using cannabis therapy to promote health
  • BioCBD’s powerful secret sauce that supports anti-aging and is anti-inflammatory


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    • Sandra angel says:

      We’ve been looking into buying some CBD Oil for our daughter. She is autistic and we needed to help her but we had no idea where to start. We’ve never been around any thing like this but we were recommended by a family friend to contact doctor William (via email and/ phone) who supplied us with quality CBD Oil and our daughter is fine now!! God Bless. Here is Dr william’s email…cann.dr.william@gmail.com, for inquiries