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The healing energies and detox capabilities of infrared heat is irrefutable. From infrared saunas to infrared heating pads, hundreds of practitioners and thousands of individuals are utilizing infrared heat therapy.

In this episode, Dr. Zyrowski talks with Robby Besner, medical device developer for Therasage. Therasage is the leader in infrared heat products, ranging from infrared heating pads to personal infrared saunas, to full wooden infrared sauna home units.

Robby’s passion for infrared heat ignited from personal struggles with his daughter who contracted Lyme Disease at a young age. As with most chronic ailments, toxicity was the secondary condition that followed her Lyme Disease. In efforts to find the best methods for detoxification at the time, he uncovered infrared heat therapy; however there was no devices available to the US population. So he set off on an international mission to develop devices for his daughter. After he developed said products and began infrared heat therapy with her, his daughter’s doctors agreed that she was experiencing near miraculous results in comparison to traditional health care treatments for Lyme and detoxification at that time.

Infrared Sauna vs Convection Steam Saunas and Hot Rock Saunas

The reason infrared heat therapy is so effective at healing and detoxing the body is because the wavelength harmonizes at the same frequency as the water inside of us. On average we are made up of 72% water. Right under skin is a layer of fat that helps protect you against extreme heat or cold. Hot rock saunas and steam saunas utilize convection heat. The heat source heats up the ambient air. In order to penetrate the insulating layer of fat, the air must at an elevated temperature of around 180 degrees. You’ll start to sweat, and it’ll pull out the available poisons, the lower hanging fruit toxins.

Infrared saunas utilize radiant heat; it’s a wavelength. It easily penetrates the fat because it vibrating the water inside the fat molecule. It comes right into the body and seeks the densest part of our body (muscle or tissues). The infrared wavelength vibration generates the heat inside the body, increasing metabolism by 10-15%. It decouples the covalent bond between the toxin and wherever they’re stored, naturally detoxing the body. This biothermal heat stores in the muscle even after you’re finished with infrared heat therapy.

In this episode:

  • What is infrared heat
  • Why infrared heat therapy can promote healing
  • How infrared heat detoxes the body naturally
  • The healing power of the semi-precious Jade stone
  • The most cost effective sauna to run (and why it may be the best for your health)
  • The importance of grounding
  • Why copper coil heating pads are less effective at promoting healing
  • How Therasage products shield electromagnetic fields

To find out more about Robby and Therasage products, visit
Order your own infrared heating pads, personal saunas or infrared sauna, go here.

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