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Are you completely satisfied? If not, do you have dreams, aspirations or goals? Some coaches ask: “How bad do you want it?” Well cornerman coach Dr. Jeff Spencer says there’s much more to goal achievement than desire and focus; it’s the methodology that counts.

Dr. Jeff Spencer was an Olympian. He has helped 45 Olympic championships. His champion mindset is one that has allowed him to be not a coach, not a mentor, but a cornerman to high-performing individuals. Over the last forty years, Dr. Jeff has had the privilege to be a cornerman to some of our generation’s greatest achievers, from Tiger Woods to U2, Bulletproof to Nike.

While on the show. Dr. Spencer discusses why 85% of people have goal frustration. They know that they want and can achieve more, but don’t know what else they could do to achieve their goals. According to Dr. Spencer, you can’t just want it bad enough, try harder, or dream bigger and make those things happen out of nothing. There’s a specific path and skills needed to get there. The 10 historically proven steps to achieve your biggest goals are what he has coined as the “Goal Achievement Roadmap”.

In this episode of Excel Radio, Dr. Jeff Spencer discusses:

  1. Why 85% of people have goal frustration
  2. What is his #1 advice to entrepreneurs
  3. Why no one wins alone
  4. His 10 step methodology of goal achievement, The Goal Achievement Roadmap
  5. The best advice to go next level with your health
  6. How to identify the right goals for you
  7. What must be done first before you start pursing your goals

To find out more about Dr. Jeff Spencer, you can visit This is where you can also get his FREE guide “How to not blow it right before you win.”

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