Best Exercise Routine for a Trim Body, Why Learn to Cook, Best Daily Supplements, Collagen & Coffee, Family & Work Life

Brand. Spankin. New. That’s what this podcast is…

This was our first live Q&A podcast on Facebook. My wife Ashleigh and I came onto the show to share with our listeners what’s new and exciting at NuVision Excel. We talked about:

  • A new sleep e-Book I have been putting together. This sleep e-book is a composition of all of the research-proven and experience-proven methods that I’ve found to work in my life. This will be available in the coming weeks.
  • The newest section (Work Life) on where we talk about everything from burnout to proper posture at your desk, to healthy snacks at your office to starting a business.
  • The various ways that we are reaching out to our followers to get your most burning health questions answered.
  • Lab tests that are making the biggest difference in our patients’ lives, including the BioNutrient Test to discover what nutrients you’re deficient in, CardioMetabolic Test to identify inflammatory markers and measure heart health, and the anti-aging Telomere Test to see how old you really are.

We also talked about what we’re doing with our health participants to get them “the edge”, helping to heal and recover faster, get in shape, and feel amazing.   We talked about things such as:

  • What essential supplements they should be taking and what we recommend for children
  • How to make a super-food coffee (organic coffee, organic half and half, xylitol, collagen peptides (great for skin & gut health), and MCT oil (brain fuel)
  • Which collagen to use to make homemade gummies with your kids
  • Running apps, such as Tabata and Runkeeper
  • Where to get healthy recipe ideas: Ashleigh’s pinterest page or NuVision’s pinterest page
  • Zyrowski’s workout regimen and what is working for him.
  • The fat-burning exercise that Ashleigh recommends that you can do in under 30 minutes.
  • The importance of yoga and stretching for overall well-being.
  • How to implement healthy habits into your family life and instilling health into your children, even at a young age. This includes exercising and cooking with your children.
  • The 1% rule
  • Committing to your health, to a better life, and to being there for your family.
  • Ideas of how to get into the kitchen, even if you don’t like cooking.
  • The science of plasticity, which is consistently pushing your brain to learn new things in order to maintain brain strength.

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