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I have a future brain. I am impatient. I am an initiator. I am a taker. I direct and control. I’m a fixer. I’m an emotional vault. And I want to capitalize on who I am.

Live on this week’s episode, Steve Sisler, lead behavioral analyst at The Behavioral Resource Group, conducts a personality assessment of myself! Prior to the show, I took his personality profile assessments and sent the results over to him. On the show, we discuss how understanding our wiring and how we function in the world can help us fit in the right spot so it works for everyone. Then he dives into what my personality type and how I view the world.

Although I don’t live and die by these sorts of tests, I do find them to be extremely interesting. I think we can all benefit from learning more about ourselves so that we can be more aware of our influence on others and on situations. I’m a life-long learner, and I believe there’s always room for improvement. That’s why I chose to be real with all of you and lay it all out on the line. You’ll learn more about me in this episode than you have on any episode thus far.

Working with clients in more than 18 nations, Steve gathers behavioral, emotional, and attitudinal information on individuals within corporate and personal settings and develops strategies for effective leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurial success. He has seen how behavioral analyses can improve performance and output of in the corporate setting, recently increasing performance of one company 40% in 18 months, simply by putting the right people in the right positions for their personality.

If you’re in a struggling relationship and want to do something about it, Steve Sisler can help. If you don’t know where you fit in the world, Steve can give you direction and clarity. If you are ready to boost output at your corporation, then get Steve on the phone. He’ll help you understand your next steps.

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