Did you know that Zeolite is the Most Effective Detox?

Detoxification has never been more important. Since World War II, approximately 80,000 new commercial synthetic chemicals have been released into the environment. In 1974, the World Health Organization stated that 84% of chronic degenerative diseases are caused by environmental toxins. Clearly – we are living in an age when detoxification isn’t an option but a necessity.

In this episode, you’re going to learn exactly what “toxicity” is, what you can do about it, and the most effective form of detoxification you probably have never heard of.

You see, if we have an effective means of removing the cause of chronic disease (toxins), then people can experience true health, without the symptomology often associated with aging. The most effective means to date is found in a naturally occurring mineral. Zeolites are a class of minerals formed from different chemical processes from volcanic eruptions and are nature’s way to clean the environment. Acting like a magnet, these negatively charged zeolites bind to heavy metals and other positively charged toxins in the environment.

Clayton Thomas, environmental toxicology and detoxification expert, joins Dr. Zyrowski on this episode of Excel Radio to discuss the most effective way to safely, naturally, and gently detoxify the body, using a water-soluble zeolite solution called Vitality Detox Drops.

The creators of the Vitality Detox Drops have harnessed this naturally occurring mineral and have made it water soluble, meaning it is now an effective way to bind to these toxins within the human body. The water-soluble fragments found in Vitality Detox Drops are over a million times smaller than other zeolite formulas. They have the powerful capability to permeate cellular membranes to aid in cellular detoxification. There is even evidence that the negatively charged solution is crossing the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to bind to toxins and escort them away from the brain and out of the body. The true magic of zeolite detoxification is that it is passive in nature, so it does not cause stress to your detox organs (liver and kidney). Vitality Detox Drops binds to heavy metals, molds, glyphosate, Asian orange, Lyme spirochetes, fluoride, chlorine, and more environmental toxins to enhance health.

In this episode:

  • The reason miscarriage rates are so high and why there are so many neurological issues with our children today.
  • The difference between different types of detoxes, including zeolite detoxification, food baths, liver cleanses, colon cleanse, chelation and more.
  • How to use zeolite solutions to get a gentle and deep cellular detox.
  • Who needs to be detoxing and how long should you detox for
  • How weight loss can cause toxic overload
  • What to do to get over your weight loss plateau
  • Most effective way to bind toxins while they are in your body
  • How to safely detox heavy metals, biotoxins, Lyme and environmental toxins



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