[VIDEO] What To Eat On One Meal A Day

What To Eat On One Meal A Day Diet is a video that helps people make healthy choices around nutrition while following the one meal a day diet strategy.

what to eat on one meal a dayWhat you eat on one meal a day is critically important.

Many people are using it as a crutch in order to eat like garbage and still stay thin. The thing that you need to know is that health is not based only on your fat content. Skinny people get cancer and skinny people have heart attacks. Being thin does not equal health. If you want to loose weight by this strategy, you need to know what to eat on one meal a day.

When you consider what to eat on one meal a day think 50% good fats, 40% good protein, and 10% good quality carbs. This is a rule of thumb but can be a sliding scale based on you activity levels.

Making sure that you get adequate calories on one meal a day is mission critical. Simply because OMAD is a easy way to crash your metabolism if your not getting enough calories. Minor calorie deficits lead to long term weight loss whereas large calorie deficits crash metabolic function.

Stay away from sugary foods and excessive carbs as they can easily lead one into nutritional deficiencies. It is recommended you take a multivitamin while on one meal a day to ensure sufficient nutrient intake. Watch the video to learn in detail of what to eat on one meal a day plan.

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[Video Transcription] What To Eat On One Meal A Day | Don’t Mess This Up!

Hi I’m Doctor Zyrowski and I am going to teach you what to eat on one meal a day.

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In this video we are talking about what to eat on one meal a day. This is a real interesting topic because based off comments and questions we get on other videos were able to see where people are having some struggles. Now we just did a video on one meal a day, so check that out if you haven’t seen it yet because it is going to go through all the great benefits that one meal a day offers. What I want to talk about more importantly in this video is what your suppose to eat and some of the major concerns and problems people are experiencing based on what they are doing as far as their nutrition on one meal a day.

The thing about one meal a day is it is really great because it is able to cut fat and spares muscle and offers so many great benefits. It turns your body into this fat metabolism for energy, which is a much cleaner energy source and it offers all these different benefits instead of the constant grazing people are doing today. Which is not allowing their bodies to catch on and start metabolizing that fat for energy. Let’s go ahead and talk about the first thing I see people doing that is a mistake in the way of nutrition. When people look at one meal a day, they look at it as hey, i’m going to use this to aggressively start losing weight.

That’s great, I understand a lot of people want to lose weight, they want to have that body of their dreams and look great on the beach but one of the things is if you are jumping into one meal a day only for that perspective and you’re only goal is to lose weight  and you don’t care about anything else. Then it probably going to cause you more harm than good.

One of the things I always tell people is people who are thin they still get cancer, they still get heart disease and they still have heart attacks. As were trying to lose weight we need to do it in a responsible manner that is going to help heal our body and not drive us into further problems.

When you jump into one meal a day, and you decide you are going to try to go next level and eat as little as possible. You’re causing more harm  than good. It is very important when you are doing one meal a day that you are getting proper calories. The reason for this is because if you are going into major calorie deficit you are crashing your metabolism. There are so many people out there doing that and have sent me messages saying I can’t lose weight with one meal a day. I started off so good on losing weight now I can’t get it to budge. These people are dropping their calories so low that they are literally destroying their metabolism.

What you want to do is make sure you are optimizing your proper calories. Go online there are tons of calorie calculators where you put in your age, your size, your activity level. When you put all that information in there it tells you how much you should be consuming because here is the thing. Minor calorie deficit on a daily basis will set you up for long term weight loss however massive calorie deficit will destroy your metabolism in a short period of time. So if you want to lose weight long term with one meal a day what you want to do is come in at a very minor calorie deficit. You want to be in it for the long term, you don’t want to be in it for the long term. Over a 50 day period, 100 day period, a year period, coming in at a minor calorie deficit you are going to lose a lot of weight and you are going to do it in a healthy way and your body will thank you for it.

The next big thing here is poor nutrition. This one is a big one because what I find people are using one meal a day as an opportunity to eat like garbage. The thing is that one meal a day when your body is switching to fat metabolism you are  going to be able to get away with eating poor quality foods that don’t serve you and lose some weight. However, it is not a smart thing to do. So, don’t use one meal a day as an opportunity to eat absolutely anything you want and eat garbage for your one meal.

Now when we look at proper nutrition we want to be thinking about 50% fat, 40% protein and 10% carbs. So once again 40% protein, 50 % fat and 10% carbs. Based on your activity level and how you feel with that you can use that as a sliding scale but just as a rule of thumb stick to those percentages.

The next big thing we want to discuss here is protein, fat and carbs. Not all of them are created equal. When looking at protein right, there are better sources. Are you eating grass fed or conventional meat. Are you eating low quality fats that are actually driving your body into a inflammatory state that is causing havoc in your body or are you eating fats that are nourishing your cells, nourishing your nervous system and your entire body. The next thing, carbs white bread versus a sweet potato. There is a big difference there, one has a lot of nutrients and one has none. It just has no nutrients to offer you at all.

So when we look at these foods right here we want to be making better choices and if you have further questions on that, i’ll post a link to the heal yourself diet that we use when were fasting and doing one meal a day. Balanced meals is the next big one, when we look at one meal a day. You need to be thinking about fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, protein, carbohydrates. We need balanced meals, we only have 7 meals a week to go in and give our body the nutrients that our body really needs. Within those 7 meals we need to make sure we are getting the nutrients because one meal a day is a easy way to fall into nutrients deficiency.

I find people who are not one meal a day falling into deficiencies all the time. People who think their diet is on point, they have deficiencies, we have testing to back this thing up. So, what we need to make sure when we are doing one meal a day and only eating 7 meals a week. It lessens the opportunity for us to get the nutrients that we need so we need to make sure our meals are very high quality and very balanced.

One last thing is don’t be fooled. One of the things I see people doing with that one meal a day is they jump into that binge eating problem that as soon as that meal time pops up they are eating anything they can see or find. You need to have your meals planned out so you can be eating high quality meals. The reason you don’t want to be fooled, things such as sugar, carbs, in many cases these are empty calories. They are calories but they are empty content. So if you are loading up on sugar, and carbs during that meal, your body is going to feel satisfied but it is going to be absolutely starving on the inside.

So don’t be fooled and fill up on empty calories and white bread. Make sure your meals are balanced and using these proper percentages, getting enough calories and that you are totally optimizing those seven meals per week. The other thing you might want to do here is take a multivitamin, fish oil these are just things that are absolutely essential for good daily health and especially optimizing nutrition.

Until next time folks, subscribe to the channel, share it with your friends. So many people are doing one meal a day incorrectly, share this with your friends so they have the proper information and then check out my other videos because we have so many different great videos on how you can optimize your health and well being. Until next time folks, make it a great day.