What To Eat On One Meal A Day

By April 15, 2020

What you eat on one meal a day is critically important.

Many people are using it as a crutch in order to eat like garbage and still stay thin. The thing that you need to know is that health is not based only on your fat content. Skinny people get cancer and skinny people have heart attacks. Being thin does not equal health. If you want to loose weight by this strategy, you need to know what to eat on one meal a day.

When you consider what to eat on one meal a day think 50% good fats, 40% good protein, and 10% good quality carbs. This is a rule of thumb but can be a sliding scale based on you activity levels.

Making sure that you get adequate calories on one meal a day is mission critical. Simply because OMAD is a easy way to crash your metabolism if your not getting enough calories. Minor calorie deficits lead to long term weight loss whereas large calorie deficits crash metabolic function.

Stay away from sugary foods and excessive carbs as they can easily lead one into nutritional deficiencies. It is recommended you take a multivitamin while on one meal a day to ensure sufficient nutrient intake. Watch the video to learn in detail of what to eat on one meal a day plan.