Vitamin D – Can This Fight COVID-19?

By April 14, 2020

Your immune health has never been more important than today as we face viral threats that are devastating many individuals’ health. Those who have a vitamin d deficiency are more likely to suffer from a depleted immune system which in turn will make you suffer greatly as your body can not protect itself from foreign invaders. Though vitamin D should be tested through a blood test there are vitamin d deficiency symptoms that can easily be looked for to give us some indication as to whether or not this is an issue. One of the things you can do to boost vitamin D daily is use vitamin d food that will slowly give your levels a bump vs not doing anything at all. Another way that you can boost this vitamin is by using supplementation. This of course in the easiest way to take the vitamin D. As far as how to use vitamin d capsule you simply can take it with food. Vitamin D3 is going to be the best one to use as research shows it offers the best results.