Top Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Your Food

By May 4, 2020

Many people have destroyed their health due to the top endocrine disrupting chemicals in food. Endocrine disrupting chemicals in your food and all around you can cause serious health problems. It is crucial to mitigate exposure to these chemicals as much a possible. These chemicals lead to thyroid problems, weight gain, hormone disruption, and more.

Many people start new diets, yet have the complete inability to lose weight because their hormones are out of control. There are hormones that tell your body to burn fat for energy. If they are not being heard (due to toxicity), then you can’t lose weight, even with the best exercise program in the world.

Thyroid issues cannot be solved or reversed naturally when you’re eating chemically-laden food or if you’re suffering from toxicity. I’m sure that (like me) you know many people suffering from thyroid issues. The information mentioned in this video is at the core of many thyroid problems.

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