The TRUTH About Breast Implants & Breast Implant Illness!

By May 1, 2020

This video is designed to start the conversation regarding breast implant illness and to help determine if the reason that you are sick is due to your breast implants.

Breast Implant Illness is a main reason that many woman have reached out to us for help. As leaders in detoxification, the question becomes how does one get the toxins out of their system after breast implants have been destroying their body for years? I have had many woman reach out with their health absolutely destroyed as a result of breast implants. They were told by their doctors they were fine. They got sick of being told it’s all in their head, so they took matters into their own hands.

Breast implants chronic illness is no secret. Thousands of women have come forward stating that breast implant illness has ruined their lives. We see this in the way of the entire body is unable to function properly. It will impact the nervous system, gut, metabolic, and also the endocrine system, leaving women broken with no answers.

Breast implant illness symptoms can range anywhere from 2-3 symptoms all the way up to 20 plus symptoms that don’t make hardly any sense.

The toxicity coming from breast implants includes heavy metals, bio-films, and mold, all combined with a weak immune system which allows for a host of many other issues.

Heavy metal toxicity and toxicity in general from breast implants must be removed in order to heal the body. In many cases, removing toxins from the body is a timely process because they lodge themselves in the deep tissues. The toxicity from breast implant illness should be taken seriously and the methods used to remove the toxins must be capable of removing heavy metals and bio-films.

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