Secrets to Stop Acne Naturally

By May 4, 2020

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Did you have acne as a teenager or do you suffer from adult acne today? Either way, most people know firsthand the hit that acne can make to your self-esteem. In “Secrets to Stop Acne Naturally,” I explore a number of ways that you can reduce, or even eliminate, your acne through natural, healthy methods.

There is an entire industry dedicated to the treatment of acne. There are creams and lotions, medicated face strips galore, all promising to erase your acne. Many with severe acne resort to using medication designed to reduce their blemishes, but often with terrible side-effects and mixed results. Did you know that you can stop acne naturally?

The tragedy is that, for the most part, all of these treatment options are unnecessary or can actually make the problem worse. There are ways that you can stop acne naturally, without having to resort to drugs and skin damaging chemicals. And like with many medical issues, it all has to do with gut health.

There are a number of steps that you can take to sort out your gut health and improve or stop acne naturally. You can start a food journal to keep track of what is going into your body on a daily basis. If you have a flare up, you can simply check your diary to narrow down the food that caused it. Another dietary change you can make is to drop your sugar intake. Eating too much sugar can create a bacterial overgrowth in your stomach and gut that can manifest into skin issues like acne.

You can also use probiotics to help stop acne naturally. Probiotics put the good bacteria back into your gut to help support your microbiome. If you have tried this in the past without success, my suggestion would be to try a different probiotic, as not all probiotics supplements are made equal. Remember, a glowing complexion and health gut often go hand-in-hand. By fixing one, you will be going a long way to fixing the other!

This is the Great Probiotic that I use with my patients, myself, and my family. For my younger children, we open a capsule and mix it into applesauce.

This is the Great Probiotic serum my wife swears by as mentioned in the video.  She applies it after she exfoliates and tones her face in the evening. Depending on how dry or oily your skin is, you may want to also add a night lotion after applying the serum.