DIY Natural Teeth Whitening

By June 17, 2020

Purify Activated Charcoal

Teeth whitening is big business. All across the country, people are spending money on whitening strips or going to dentists for cosmetic procedures to brighten up their smile. The problem is that most of these teeth whitening methods use chemicals and toxins that are unhealthy and make your teeth incredibly sensitive, not to mention being super expensive. Thankfully, you have a few alternatives. In this video, my special guest (my wife Ashleigh!) and I are going to be exploring DIY natural teeth whitening methods that are completely healthy while also being super inexpensive.

Have you ever heard of oil pulling? Many people use oil pulling to improve their oral health, but it can also do fantastic things for the color of your teeth. All you have to do is take a scoop of coconut oil, put it in your mouth, wait until it melts, and then swish it around for about a minute. This will help keep your teeth shiny and white while its antibacterial properties will also get rid of bacteria that can cause cavities and bad breath.

Another great natural method of whitening your teeth is to brush them using activated charcoal once a day. Make sure you use a high quality charcoal, we recommend Purify. Just open up a capsule and either put it on your toothbrush or in a small bowl. Wet your toothbrush over the sink and simply brush with the activated charcoal for 30 seconds to a minute, just like you would your regular old toothpaste. After you rinse out your mouth with water, your teeth will be left refreshed and whitened!

For great results, you don’t need to use these methods constantly for weeks on end. After your teeth have reached the desired shade of white, you can simply do it once a week to maintain your results.

We all want bright smiles, but not at the expense of our overall health. Using these DIY methods of natural teeth whitening, you can get bright, shining teeth without absorbing toxins or breaking the bank!

The Purify Activated Charcoal Dr. Nick and Ashleigh use can be found here.