Top 9 Health Uses For Activated Carbon

Lets talk about the health uses For activated carbon. It is estimated that traditional healers have been using activated carbon since 1500 B.C. Though I haven’t been using it quite that long, activated carbon is a tool for healing that I have used on my family, my patients, and myself for years.Health Uses For Activated Carbon

What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon (aka activated charcoal) is a very strong natural toxin remover that is derived from coconut shells or other natural sources. Activated carbon is famously known for its ability to trap toxins and chemicals in the body so they can be flushed out and not reabsorbed. Activated carbon has been used for decades in emergency rooms & trauma centers all over the world as a treatment for drug overdoses and poisoning.

Activated carbon works so well because it has millions of little pores that are negatively charged that bind to the positively charged toxins. The chemical process is called adsorption (not absorption). Adsorption is a chemical process where elements bind to the surface. In this case, positively charged toxins bind to the negatively charged activated carbon.

What do I use Activated Carbon for?

Before I tell you my favorite uses for activated carbon, I want to give you a few pro tips. When using activated carbon to remove toxins, it is in you best interest to be eating a clean, non-toxic diet. Next, the activated carbon can actually interfere with other supplements by binding them up. So make sure you take activated carbon 1-2 hours apart from other supplements and medication. Lastly, drink adequate water since the activated carbon will absorb water.

Now, here are my favorite health uses for activated carbon:

1) Cellular Dcharcoal-drinking-charcoal-what-you-need-knowetoxification

The activated charcoal is essential for a cellular detox. The reason for this is because it grabs the toxins that are being dumped into the intestinal tract. If you do not use activated carbon, the toxins will simply reabsorb and you will continuously re-toxify your body. The cellular detox will have been done in vain. Here is what I use to do a cellular detox.

2) Anti-Aging

Aging is a natural part of life, but there are an extreme amount of environmental toxins that speed up the aging process. Activated carbon prevents cellular damage to the liver and kidneys by reducing the toxic load. So if we flush out toxins on a routine basis, it will certain help our organ systems function more efficiently and keep us youthful.

3) Digestive Cleansing

Much of the toxin build-up actually begins in the intestinal tract. This toxic burden will drive allergic reactions, oxidative stress and send our immune system into a frenzy (auto-immune disorders). Many people who suffer from terrible allergies also suffer from gut issues, which are driving the immune system. A digestive cleanse with activated carbon can will certainly benefit you.

4) Deodorant

Activated carbon is a powerful deodorizer. My wife’s favorite deodorant, PiperWai, is a really awesome product because it’s free of toxins. It utilizes activated carbon to keep you smelling fresh. Unlike other natural deodorants, it actually works well. And trust me, we’ve tried PLENTY of different natural deodorants.

5) Acne/Face Treatment

You can use activated carbon as an acne treatment as well by mixing it with aloe vera and letting it dry on your face, then washing off. It works so well because aloe vera is very soothing to the skin, allowing it to heal, where activated carbon removes dirt and toxins.

6) Bites & Stings

I like using activated charcoal with bug bites and stings. As a kid, my mom used baking soda with water to form a paste. Now I’ve upgraded and use coconut oil mixed with activated carbon. Simply apply the coconut oil/activated carbon paste to the area of concern every half an hour until the discomfort is gone.

7) Gas and Bloating

The American Journal of Gastroenterology found that activated carbon will stop bloating and intestinal gas if taken with the typical meal that causes gas and bloating for you. You can actually take activated carbon with you when there is a possibility that they may be eating food that is out of their control. (ie. dinner at a friend’s or family’s house). This will alleviate the poor effects from the food that is unusual to your diet.

8) Heart Health

Activated carbon is scientifically proven through studies to reduce bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol.

9) Clean Water

I use activated carbon in water cleansing every day. I use the ZeroWater Filter for drinking water. Tap water (in most cases) is laden with pesticides, pharmaceuticals, toxins, and fluoride. Our bodies absorb the chemicals not only from drinking water, but also through our skin through showers. That’s why I also use the Omica Organics Shower Filtration System.

Reducing our toxic load is essential in all cases. There are so many toxins that we are exposed to that we cannot control, so it’s important to mitigate the toxins that we can control. I believe that activated charcoal is an essential part of any healthy medicine cabinet.

Let me know how you use activated carbon, or hit me with questions in the comment section below.