Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problems

Could you have gallbladder problems without even realizing it? Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problems is a video that uncovers the pain and discomfort associated with gallbladder conditions that most are unaware of.

symptoms of gallbladder problems

I’ve treated many patients in the past who had absolutely no idea they were suffering from issues with their gallbladder. This organ, located right by the liver, is designed to emulsify, digest, and absorb the fats in your food. When you have issues with your gallbladder, there are many symptoms that can crop up. In this vlog (and two follow-up vlogs), I’m going to be taking a look at the symptoms of gallbladder problems and what you can do to minimize and reverse them.

The first major symptom of gallbladder issues is a tenderness or pain in the area around the upper right quadrant of the body. If you’re experiencing any discomfort here, it might be a sign that there is something wrong.

Another major symptom of gallbladder issues is indigestion associated with fatty meals. As the gallbladder is designed to help your digestive system process fats, it can really cause problems when it is not working properly. This can also cause bloating, GERD, alcohol intolerance, and fatigue after meals.

A symptom that you might not be thinking about is discomfort in your right shoulder blade. Many people think this symptom is due to a muscular or skeletal issue, but what it really comes down to is that it’s a symptom of a gallbladder problem. An ailing gallbladder can send referred pain to the back of the scapular or the back of the shoulder. If you’re experiencing tenderness in this area, it might be best to get your gallbladder checked out.

Thankfully, there are a number of methods you can use to help stop these gallbladder issues. First, you could put a hot pack (or castor oil pack) on the sore or tender area. Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with hot water can help smooth out any issues. Another, somewhat more palatable drink that can help is peppermint tea with lemon. And finally, magnesium powder can be a huge help to get you through gallbladder issues.

If you’ve had your gallbladder removed in the past, then there are a number of major steps that you should take to help your body adjust, including taking milk thistle and dandelion, ox bile, and vitamins D3 plus K2.

If you’d like a free guide to help you navigate the complexities of the lifestyle changes you should make to help you manage your gallbladder problems, you can find one right here!

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[Video Transcription] Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problems | Is It My Gallbladder?

In this video I’m going to teach you symptoms of gallbladder problems.

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In this video we’re going to be talking about symptoms of gallbladder problems. Right off the top of my head, I can name several people that have gotten their gallbladder removed. I know several people who are currently having issues with their gallbladder and I also know that there’s a lot of people out there who are experiences gallbladder symptoms but they just don’t know it and I can tell you that for a fact because I’ve seen them and I’ve worked on them. Anyway, let’s go ahead and talk about the gallbladder.

First of all, it’s located right here in the upper right quadrant right by the liver and the gallbladders main purpose it to emulsify, digest and absorb the fats in your food. If there’s a problem going on with the gallbladder there’s a lot of symptoms that can start to come out of it and there are symptoms. It doesn’t mean that you have to be diagnosed with a gallbladder issue, it just may mean that there’s some problems there and it’s in your best interest to start making some changes in your lifestyle in order to actually start reversing this issue and increasing the health of your gallbladder. Let’s go ahead and jump in.

First, pain in the upper right quadrant. This is kind of the first and major symptom that will come if somebody’s having gallbladder issues and if you’re even having some tenderness right in this area, it doesn’t have to be a sharp, stabbing pain or anything like that but even some tenderness it can also indicate that you’re having that gallbladder issues. Indigestion with, or after fatty meals. If you’re noticing that you’re getting indigestion after that fatty meals, because remember the gallbladder actually takes care of that fat that you consume. Then, there’s definitely a sign there that you’re having some gallbladder problems as well. Bloating after meals, that’s pretty self-explanatory. GERD. So, if you’re having some pain in your stomach, you’re having some heartburn, some acid reflex, that sort of thing going on, then that also is an indicator of the gallbladder issue.

Now, right shoulder blade pain and discomfort, okay? So, when we look at the right shoulder blade, this is an interesting one because a lot of people think you know, that they have some muscular thing going on or some skeletal thing that they need to take care of. So, they’ll be getting massages and chiropractic care. Really what it comes down to is that this is a symptom of a gallbladder issue. Now, just like cardiovascular problems can send pain into different areas like the arm, the gallbladder can also send refereed pain and when it does so, it’s right in the back of the scapula or on the top, up here in the shoulder. Anyway, that’s also a very good sign of gallbladder issues.

Alcohol intolerance. So, if you consume alcohol and you just don’t feel good after or sometimes I even know people who feel like they’ve been positioned after they consume alcohol. Anyway, if you have alcohol intolerance, this is a sign that there’s a gallbladder issue as well.

Excessive sweating. So, this is excessive sweating in the entire body, but primarily the feet. So, if someone is sweating a lot in their feet and that tends to be an issue for them, once again look to the gallbladder.

Now, last but not least, fatigue after meals. If you consume a meal and you’re just totally wiped out after it and you’re always just crashing after lunch or whatever meal you have. Once again, look to gallbladder as that could be a potential issue.

So, these are the major signs and symptoms of a gallbladder problem. So, be sure that if you’re having these issues that you start making strides towards improving your gallbladder health. Right below this video, I’m going to put my five top remedies that you can use in order to improve your gallbladder health.

Now, if you have any questions be sure to post them in the comment section below, subscribe to the channel, also give us a like and share this with your friends. I know a lot of people suffering from gallbladder issues. Be sure to grab those remedies below, those top five remedies. And, check out my other videos on gallbladder and how you can improve your health naturally.