Does Stress Destroy Your Body?

Stress has become a fascinating topic in modern society, especially as many working professionals face as much as five times the stress their parents experienced on a daily basis. But does stress destroy your body?

As the world speeds up faster every day we all struggle to keep up with deadlines, careers, expectations, friendships, family and the “Jones’s”. If you were lucky enough to receive a good education to jump-start your career then there is a good chance that student, and financial debt is a looming cause of stress as well. It is estimated that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, so we can safely assume that those same Americans face some stress. Stress is a huge crisis and it is not talked about enough.

Does Stress Destroy Your Body

What does stress do to our bodies?

Stress as you can imagine plays a crucial role in our overall health both biologically and physically. A good example of the physical is to look at a couple before and after photos of past presidents. In four years time the presidents look as if they aged 20 years. The biological change isn’t seen with the naked eye but rather seen through testing, science, and data. It is actually proven in the research that stressed out individuals live shorter lives.

Stress can show up in many ways. Regardless of whether or not stress is real or imagined, the body cannot decipher the difference. So does stress destroy your body? If you imagine it then it is real to your body. That is why it is so crucial to fill your mind with good thoughts. Stress releases stress hormones in the body like cortisol. This increases sympathetic tone and prepares the body for a fight or flight reaction. This is perfectly okay in moderation. Our ancestors may have faced this once every couple days after being alarmed by a tiger, but many face it all day, every day.

After cortisol is released a cascade of events take place. The heart rate increases, lungs are free to inhale more oxygen, arteries narrow, the heart pumps faster, blood flow increases, and your immune system is suppressed. As stress becomes chronic, hormones deregulate, you age prematurely, adrenal fatigue occurs, and your immune system becomes desensitized to cortisol heightening the inflammatory response allowing inflammation to run rampant throughout the body.

Inflammation becomes an enormous problem when it gets out of control. Inflammation is the starting point of most disease ranging from heart disease to cancer. In order to control inflammation we must be able to control stress.

Stress also plays a key role in brain function. I have personally witnessed many individuals go through a doctorate program, or receive a law degree, yet not able to pass board exams. Simply because the stress derived from having to take the board exam shuts down their brains during the testing session and they can’t remember anything. These are smart individuals, but they can’t control stress. A stress free environment enables the free flow of creativity and memory. Take for example the amount of effort Google puts into a stress free environment. Their workplace looks like an adult playground. Stress triggers cortisol which affects your memory by causing a loss of synapses in your prefrontal cortex. It is even believed that stress drives brain diseases such as dementia.

GABA-Sero Active is the best supplement to neurologically reduce stress.

Stress is a health crisis in modern society and “the silent killer”. Learn to control your stress because your health, family, friends, career, and ultimately your life counts on it. If you want to achieve great things in life you cant accomplish them without your health, nor if you die at a young age because your health spiraled out of control. Take control of your stress today.

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