In this episode of our Excel podcast we discuss the 6 Steps to De-stress and much more with Kayleigh Please.

We are living in a high-stress world. We expect ourselves to be superhuman and rarely give ourselves time to relax and feel safe in our own bodies. Our hormones and nervous system are turned on high, affecting our health and gene expression.  That’s why positive psychology and wellness coach, Kayleigh Pleas, makes it her mission to help busy, stressed out individuals in both private, group, and corporate settings. You don’t want to miss this great episode on the 6 steps to de-stress.

In this episode, Kayleigh discusses how stress affects our health, sleep and mental status. She’s reviews practical tips to gain mindfulness, de-stress, and find peace and happiness in a demanding society.

Apps that Kayleigh mentions:

Insight Timer

Other practices to de-stress Kayleigh suggests:

Regular Massages
Embodied Movement Practice (Yoga, Ti-Chi, etc.)
Gratitude Journal (like the 5 Minute Journal)
Listening to guided meditation

Want more information?  Connect with Kayleigh.

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At NuVision, we strive to share all our knowledge and experience to help you not only with stress but all other aspects of health and wellbeing.

Want to learn even more about stress and the true biomarkers oh health? Check out our other podcast episode with Jeremy Hendon here. We also discuss stress in great detail and how you can manage it for better overall health.

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