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Did you know that toxicity can accumulate in the body for years with NO warning signs? Then all the sudden your biological bucket will spill over, destroying your health and presenting multiple symptoms and conditions of unknown origin. In this video, you will learn the symptoms and signs that you may be toxic.Signs That You May be Toxic

Toxics are almost impossible to avoid, there are just so many out there. They are in our clothes, our household products, and our food. Even if we get manage to eliminate the vast majority of chemicals in your immediate environment, you will still run into them every time you leave the home. The only solution is to take concrete steps to help your body breakdown and eliminate all of these toxins you come in contact with on a daily basis.

In this video, I’m going to be talking about the signs and clues that your body may be giving you that you are “toxic”. There are 7 warning signs that you want to watch out for as signs that you may be toxic:

  1. Chronic Inflammation
  2. Brain Fog
  3. Chronic Fatigue
  4. Inability to Lose Weight
  5. Autoimmune Disease
  6. Skin Conditions
  7. Gut Conditions

If you have a combination of these symptoms, they all add up to one, inescapable conclusion: you are toxic! Heavy metals can cause dementia like symptoms, common household products can cause skin problems and fatigue, and certain foods in your diet can greatly contribute to chronic inflammation, inability to lose weight, autoimmune disease, and gut conditions.

But the good news is that, once you identify these warning signs in yourself, you can begin reversing these chronic conditions through the use of detoxification. You can learn more about all of the steps you can take to detox right here.

For more details on signs that you may be toxic and removing toxins from your life, check out this article.

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[Video Transcription] Signs That You May Be Toxic

Hi I am Doctor Zyrowski with NuvisionExcel.com and in this video we are going to be discussing the seven signs that you may be toxic.

You see we are bombarded by so many different toxins today. It is estimated that there are over 80,000 plus chemicals on the market. They haven’t been tested on the human body and whether its the food that you are eating or the clothing that you are wearing or the chemicals that you are using in your household. We have a lot of toxins in our life and even when we try to remove toxins out of our own life. You know we go to peoples houses we go to social events and we just step into more toxins. So its an absolute must to make sure that if you are toxic you are working to get these toxins out of your system.

For the most part everybody is accumulating toxins within their body because of the sheer amount of toxins that are in our environment. Now the reasons that toxicity is so bad is because it affects the 70 plus trillion cells in our body. Lets go ahead and jump into it and what it does is it causes Chronic Inflammation.

Ok, Chronic Inflammation is a terrible thing for our body and like I said when we are talking about inflammation we are talking about the 70 plus trillion cells in our body becoming inflamed and causing disease processes. When we look at diseases that are rooted in inflammation we are looking at heart disease, we are looking at cancer, we are looking at diabetes, we are looking at so many different things out there that just conditions I can guarantee you that you know people are facing today. So if you know somebody who is actually facing these conditions we would love it if you would give us a like, give us a share and make sure this information is getting out.

The next thing that toxicity causes is Brain Fog. So defiantly without a doubt one of the things that toxicity is known for is causing dementia like symptoms. So when we have toxicity and heavy metal poisoning in our brain it effects the cognitive function of our nervous system essentially and how our brain is functioning. I have my own story with heavy metals and cognitive function. I could tell you that is a story for another time but I had heavy metal poisoning specifically lead and mercury and it was really effecting the way that my brain was functioning. It caused a lot of issues for me luckily I got those out and I am doing a lot better today.

The next big thing that toxicity causes is Chronic Fatigue. When you have toxicity in your body which drives inflammation of the cell. What happens is it effects the mitochondria. When we have the mitochondria within the cell of which is essentially the core plant of the body that is not functioning correctly what we are going to have is decreased ATP which is kind of the fuel of the body and then from there we are going to have we are going to have Chronic Fatigue. So if you are somebody who can’t get out of bed in the morning, your are tired all day chronic fatigue is probably an issue for you and we need to look to toxicity.

The next big thing is Inability to Lose Weight. So, without a doubt toxicity causes a huge problem with our hormones. So, if you are someone who has unexplained weight gain and if you are someone who is exercising and eating right, doing all the right things and you still can’t lose weight. Toxicity is likely your answers. So we will defiantly have to look to toxicity if you are somebody who has the inability to lose weight or you are working twice as hard as all your friends to lose that weight and still not coming off or coming off very slow. Toxicity is a problem probably.

So the next big thing is Autoimmune Disease. So we have so many different autoimmune disease today that people are facing an essentially what a autoimmune disease is, is when the Immune system starts to attack self. When the immune system starts to attack the body because it looks at it as a invader. Things such as crohn’s disease, Hashimotos, these are an example of autoimmune diseases that are plaguing so many people today and there are a whole other list you could look up. All the different diseases that fall under autoimmune diseases and you would be surprised how many there are.

The next big thing is Skin Conditions. If you are someone who has acne, or saracisis, or unexplained rashes popping up all over your body then you defiantly want to look to toxicity. Toxicity can play a huge role in how your skin looks and feels. So many people when you look at there just overall appearance and health you can tell so much by their skin. So people who are toxic, people who are sick their skin looks unhealthy. People who are on the opposite spectrum of that their skin is typically just glowing. So toxicity just causes so many different skin issues. So if you are someone who suffers from skin conditions lets look to toxicity.

Last if not least Gut Conditions. I can tell you a story of patient after patient who had gut conditions as a result of heavy metal fillings like mercury fillings in their mouth or just metal toxicity. They didn’t even know where the metal came from however they had heavy metal poisoning and other issues with toxicity as well. Once they actually removed the heavy metals from their body, once they actually detoxified and the gut conditions just literally just started to dissipate over night.

So what we need to do is can we identify ourselves with these different warning signs of toxicity, we need to look to detoxifying our body. So don’t miss my view on toxicity because it is the answer to actually reversing these different chronic conditions that so many people are facing today.

So I hope this really insightful and is the path or the answer that you needed in order to help reverse the condition or health problem that you are having. I should mention you don’t have to have a health problem to be toxic. You don’t have to have some major sign that is just destroying your life to become toxic. You can appear to be a healthy individual and have a lot of toxicity in your body and then eventually one day it will present in some way I promise.

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