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[VIDEO] Signs That You May be Toxic

By January 15, 2018Vlog

Your body will give you many clues or signs that you may be toxic. When these warning signs of toxicity present, it is important to be able to identify them. This video gives you all the major warning signs.

Did you know that toxicity can accumulate in the body for years with 0 warning signs? Then all the sudden your biological bucket will spill over, destroying your health and presenting multiple symptoms and conditions of unknown origin.

Toxicity can come from the chemicals that you clean your home with. They can come from your clothing, your processed food, and even the carpets in your home. Even when you try to make all the best choices, you still will comes across toxicity in public environments.

Some signs that you may be toxic include chronic inflammation, brain fog, hormone disruption, chronic fatigue, gut conditions, skin conditions, autoimmune disease, inability to lose weight and more.

Signs that you may be toxic can be a result of heavy metals as well. Heavy metal toxicity is a major problem for so many. Heavy metals such as mercury and lead are major contributors to an individuals toxicity levels.

In order to detox and remove the toxins from your body, you want to look for a cellular detoxification that is able to detox not only the cells, but also your brain.

For more details on removing toxins from your life, check out this article.

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