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Did you have acne as a teenager or do you suffer from adult acne today? Either way, most people know firsthand the hit that acne can make to your self-esteem. In Secrets to Stop Acne Naturally, I explore a number of ways that you can reduce, or even eliminate, your acne through natural, healthy methods.Stop Acne Naturally

There is entire industry dedicate to the treatment of acne. There are creams and lotions, medicated face strips galore, all promising to erase your acne. Many with severe acne resort to using medication designed to reduce their blemishes, but often with terrible side-effects and mixed results. Did you know that you can stop acne naturally?

The tragedy is that, for the most part, all of these treatment options are unnecessary, or can actually make the problem worse. There are ways that you can stop acne naturally, without having to resort to drugs and skin damaging chemicals. And like with many medical issues, it all has to do with gut health.

There are a number of steps that you can take to sort out your gut health and improve or stop acne naturally. You can start a food journey to keep track of what is going into your body on a daily basis. If you have a flare up, you can simply check your diary to narrow down the food that caused it. Another dietary change you can make is to drop your sugar intake. Eating too much sugar can create a bacterial overgrowth in your stomach and gut that can manifest in skin issues like acne.

You can also use probiotics to help stop acne naturally by fixing your gut. Probiotics put the good bugs back into your gut to help support your microbiome. If you have tried this in the past without success, my suggestion would be to try a different probiotic, as not all probiotics supplements are made equal. Remember, a glowing complexion and health gut often go hand-in-hand. By fixing one, you will be going a long way to fixing the other!

This is the Great Probiotic that I use with my patients, myself, and my family. For my younger children, we open a capsule and mix it into applesauce.

This is the Great Probiotic serum my wife swears by as mentioned in the video.  She applies it after she exfoliates and tones her face in the evening. Depending on how dry or oily your skin is, you may want to also add a night lotion after applying the serum.

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[Video Transcription] Secrets to Stop Acne Naturally

I am going to give you four simple secrets to help you stop acne naturally and help you stop it for good.

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So in this video, we are going to talk about how to stop acne naturally and this is a really big deal for some people especially as young adults and teenagers. Their complexion means a lot to them and their complexion can be something that they are embarrassed about if they have a lot of acne. One of the problems is people go to use different face washes and cleansers that are very harsh and full of chemicals and even resort to some sort of medication that will help with acne but also has many devastating side effects that it includes.

Let’s go ahead and break down why most people have acne issues and get into what to do about it.

The major reason people have acne issues and skin issues, in general, is because of a very unhealthy gut. Now when your gut is unhealthy it’s going to show through your complexion the other big reason is a poor diet. So processed foods, a diet high in sugar, a lot of different carbohydrates like white bread and these different foods are going to also going to make that acne issue just ten times worse. So we want to make sure we are avoiding poor quality foods but also making sure that if we have a gut issue that we are working to fix that too.

Now if you’re probably wondering well how do I know if I have a gut issue? If you are someone who has cramping, bloating, diarrhea, a lot of gas then there is a good chance that you have a unhealthy gut and there’s something that you need to do about it in order to not actually only help your gut health but help your skin health and reduce acne as well.

So let’s jump into some of the tips and strategies that you are going to use in order to help reduce acne naturally. Now, the first is making a food journal. Now the reason that food journaling is important is because there are foods that you will eat that you can react very poorly too. These are called food sensitivities, these food sensitivities foods such as health foods, that can be strawberries, blueberries, something very healthy for you but it can also be things such as wheat, dairy products, and things that might not do a whole lot of good for you in your complexion. The reason that we like to do a food journal is if we know what we are eating, we can correlate the food that we eat to the outbreaks that we have with our acne. In many cases, it is related to a food. I can tell you one of my patients for instance when they eat chocolate even the smallest piece of chocolate they have a huge outbreak the next day. It was amazing to correlate that because you can imagine they are trying to find the best cleansers and all the things to stop acne when reality it was chocolate the whole time. So if we can identify the foods that are causing acne we can remove them and then we have a good plan in order to stop acne naturally.

The next big thing is sugar intake. We need to decrease sugar intake because if we have a diet that is high in sugar what it will do is it can create a bacterial overgrowth within our gut. We have this bacterial overgrowth or this bacterial imbalance in many cases will manifest in skin issues. We decrease our sugar intake and we decrease our insulin then we are going to have a much stronger complexion and we are going to have decreased acne. So the sugar intake issue is correlated to a gut health issue. So in order to have a healthy gut we want to have a food journal, we want to, of course, take out the bad foods. The foods that don’t serve us well and then we want to decrease sugar.

Number three is also related to gut health, so if we want to have a healthy gut we need to take probiotics. Now the reason you take probiotics is in order to put those good bugs back into our gut. We want to make sure we are supporting something called our microbiome and when we do this it helps have not only a strong microbiome but it will also help with your skin. It is going to help with your complexion. One of the things about probiotics is I have had people say to me well, I tried probiotics and it didn’t work. So my recommendation for them was to simply try a different probiotic and maybe a better quality probiotic and then that was the answer to the acne for them. So once they started the higher quality probiotic their acne literally went away. Ok so take a good probiotic in order to support gut health.

The last is probiotic serum. So there are lotions you can get that are actually infused with probiotics and when you put them on your skin it’s going to really help with your complexion. It is very interesting because when people are using all these different cleansers and harsh chemicals on their skin essentially their decreasing their overall microbiome their decreasing the good bacteria on their skin and when you decrease a good bacteria on your skin. Your skin is less healthy. So using a probiotic-infused serum is going to really help not only give you a good complexion but help with your overall what we call microbiome and that’s the bacteria that lives in your gut and on your skin and in all among you.

So, in order to reduce acne and have a good complexion start implementing these strategies right here. As mentioned before and I’ll say it again. Is when you have an unhealthy gut you also are going to have acne issues and unhealthy skin. So we want to make sure that we have a healthy gut so that we have the healthy skin. We want to make sure we are eating good quality foods and if you want another great tip in order to help with your complexion and reduce acne then check out my fasting videos. They’re very powerful and when it comes to skin issues and complexion and skin health fasting does an incredible job. Then from there, follow this list and you are going to be well on your way to having no acne and stopping it 100% naturally.