4 Toxic Threats That Are Making Your Allergies Worse

Want to know how to relieve seasonal allergies? When I notice that my eyes are watering and itchy, and I have a slight headache in the occipital region, I know that allergies are affecting me. And instead of running to the nearest drugstore for a box of Claritin, I look inside my home for ways I can relieve seasonal allergies.
relieve seasonal allergies

Allergies are a big source of frustration for many people. It’s estimated that 55% of asthma attacks are triggered by allergens. These asthma attacks send 500,000 people to the hospital every year and are dangerous, even fatal. Allergies can be triggered by an enormous amount of agents, such as mold, dust, and dander. Seasonal allergies from hay, grass, trees, and weeds are also a huge source of frustration.

When the body responds to these allergens with itchy eyes, stuffed noses, sneezing and fatigue, it is our body fighting what it thinks is a foreign invader. Your immune system is on overdrive, viewing these environmental agents as a hazard so it attacks and fights for survival. Although these environmental factors are quite harmless, an over-active immune system can make it a matter of life and death.

The good news is that with the proper knowledge and tools you can help calm your immune system and relieve seasonal allergies.

Calming your immune system begins with removing toxic threats. Toxic threats are stressing out your immune system. Basically, they are flipping the “on switch” on your immune system, causing it to overreact to harmless environmental agents. The first step to naturally relieve seasonal allergies is to remove the toxic threats, allowing your immune system to relax.

Here are the top 4 toxic threats that are making your allergies worse:

1) Toxic Food Syndrome

Toxic Food Syndrome is probably one of the least know issues when it comes to bad allergies simply because it is overlooked by most physicians, who often are searching for the next prescription to prescribe.

Toxic Food Syndrome refers to foods that your body is sensitive to. When you are consuming foods that are toxic to you, it drives the immune system crazy.

One of the reasons many overlook toxic food syndrome is because the toxic foods could very well be health foods. This means that your immune system may recognize strawberries, spinach, or chicken as a foreign invader. When you consume foods that are identified as a foreign invader by the immune system, it send the immune system into overdrive, making your body react to allergens to a much higher extent. Almost everyone has foods that are toxic to them. If you have never taken the food sensitivities panel that we offer, then it is a good idea for you to start avoiding both dairy and wheat at the very least, and see if that helps. Lastly, pay attention to the foods you eat and if allergies get worse after you eat, then try to identify what in that meal caused your allergies to flair up.

I personally notice a huge difference with my allergies when I avoid all foods that I am sensitive too, which include green beans, eggs, dairy, wheat, and black pepper.

2) Antibacterial Chemicals

As you may know, the FDA recently banned many antibacterial chemicals. The reason that this is a good thing is because they disrupt your immune system. A study done in the Environmental Health Perspective Journal found that a chemical called triclosan, which is used in many personal care products including toothpaste, disrupts your immune system and may play a role in worsening your allergies.

This study supports the hygiene hypothesis, which tells us over sanitizing our environment deregulates our immune system. So avoid using antibacterial lotions, soaps, and sprays and start using good probiotics in order to have a healthy immune system.

3) Cleaning Products

The Imperial College London conducted a study of 10,000 people to see which careers were most likely to trigger allergies. What they found was that of the 18 occupations that drove allergy issues, seven of them included regular cleaning products. It is important to utilize cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals so that you are not poisoning your household or work space on a regular basis. More on household cleaners here.

4) Food Chemicals

Your average meal from the average restaurant is loaded with food stabilizers, preservatives, food coloring and dyes, and other harmful chemicals. If you decide to go the healthier route and get a salad, then you are going to find all these same chemicals in the dressing, while getting a dose of pesticides on your salad. All these harsh chemicals tear up the gut lining and lead to leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a condition where large food particles cross the compromised barrier in the gut and enter into the blood stream. From there, the body identifies the food particle as a foreign invader and will send your immune system chasing after many of the foods you eat. This will send your immune system spiraling out of control. So be sure to eat good, pure foods from your kitchen and take measures to heal your gut.

Allergies are no fun for anyone. Taking the measures to heal your gut and regulate your immune system are very important before and during allergy season. For a more immediate allergy support, you may want to consider using the Histaeze formula.

If you have any questions, or have additional ways to relieve seasonal allergies, comment below or message us on Facebook.