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Want to know about Natural Sweeteners? Processed sugars are linked to inflammation and disease.  Using more natural sugars can help you make lateral shifts towards better health.  During the holiday season, opt to use the natural sweeteners mentioned in this video so that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Natural Sweeteners










I always attribute those following the ketogenic diet to be more health conscious individuals. This is why I am blown away when I see them go from the ketogenic diet to eating high fructose corn syrup rich foods, bleached white sugar, and sugar derived from GMO crops. There are better options in the way of natural sweeteners that you can utilize.

Natural sweeteners are better options than sugar.

In life, it’s always important to make better choices or lateral shifts. It is never healthy to eat a large amount of these different natural sugars. However, they are certainly healthier options than highly processed sugar.

Natural sweeteners like natural honey, dates, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are better options that can be used for baking. The different healthy sugars are great, simply because they have known health benefits. Take dates for example; there is research that supports its health benefits on the brain. If we must sweeten up a desert, then it’s really important that we, at the very least, use options that can offer us some health benefit and not have massive spikes on blood glucose.

Sure, there are a lot of people trying to avoid sugar all together, but the average person is consuming sugar that is in its unhealthiest forms and ultimately destroying their health. These healthy sugar alternatives are always going to be better choices.

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[Video Transcription] Natural Sweeteners | Better Than Processed Sugar

In this video you’ll discover the best natural sweeteners.

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In this video we’re talking about natural sweeteners or natural sugar. I think this is a really important topic because I see a lot of people who are on the ketogenic diet, a diet with no sugar at all and then they cycle out of it and they’ll consume some foods with low amounts of sugar in it, but really low quality sugar like high fructose corn syrup or even bleached white sugar, and I’ll also see these same people allow their kids to have these different sugars. It’s going to drive inflammation in the body, but it’s also going to work as an anti-nutrient. There is some better alternatives out there and with the holidays around the corner, we want to know what those better alternatives are so when you’re making your different baked goods that contain sugar in it, you’re turning to these better alternatives.

Now, the first here on our list is, raw honey. Raw honeys really great because it has a good nutrient profile. It has B vitamins in it, antioxidants, enzymes and also minerals. Raw honeys also known as natures perfect food because it lasts forever and also, it’s a super food. You can use raw honey especially, local raw honey if you have allergies and it will support you with that, and it can also be used as a natural remedy to support skin irritation.

Next here on our list is, dates. Now, dates are really great they can be used in a lot of ways. So, first of all, they’re very sweet, they have B vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and a little bit of fiber in them. But you can blend them up and make some really great energy bars with them, you can throw them in a smoothie to sweeten it up a little bit, but you could also make a date paste with them and then use it when making baked goods. I’ll put a link below to a really good date paste that you can make.

Next here on our list is, coconut sugar. It has minerals, antioxidants and a little bit of fiber in it.

And then lastly, maple syrup which has antioxidants and minerals in it as well.

Now, when we look at these natural sweeteners there’s going to be high-quality options and low-quality options. So, when it comes to hungry for instance, I specially put raw honey because if you buy pasteurized honey it’s going to kill a lot of the enzyme activity, it’s going to kill a lot of the benefits that honey has to offer. So, using it raw is always going to be more beneficial, it’ll have a much stronger nutrient profile.

When we look at maple syrup, much of the maple syrup out there is actually a low-quality sweetener like high fructose corn syrup that is maple flavored. So, we want to make sure that we avoid that whenever possible too.Now, when possible buy these in organic. If you can’t buy in organic then look to a local farmers market because I know that a lot of locals around me actually make their own maple syrup, they make their own honey with their own bees in their back yard and so, it’s very easy to get really good quality sources at a good, reasonable price.

Once again, when we look at these natural sweeteners, these natural sugars remember, it is still sugar. It should still be consumed in very minimal amounts because too much sugar is never a healthy thing for the body. If you want to learn more about sugar, check out the videos that I’ve done on them. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and if you have any questions put it in the comments section below. Give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next video.