[VIDEO] Natural Eczema Remedies

Many people suffer from eczema, but in this video Dr. Zyrowski teaches some natural eczema remedies so you can naturally reverse eczema fast and efficiently.

Natural Eczema Remedies

The best natural eczema remedies babies are the ones that actually work, get good results, and can be easily implemented right in the comfort of your home. Eczema is a real problem for a lot of people. They are often lead down a path that leaves them frustrated and angry because they are buying expensive lotions and potions that fail them. This is why, we think it is important to talk about natural eczema remedies.

Eczema home remedies include Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Dead Sea Salt Bath, Probiotics, Gut Healing remedies, and Fasting.

Fasting works very well. I personally like to do a bone broth fast in this case, because the bone broth is very powerful for balancing the immune system and contains collagen and minerals that are very good for skin health. When eczema symptoms arise, I jump right into all of these natural eczema remedies and find they seem to really offer great results, quickly. I also find that the longer you have eczema, the longer it takes to resolve the issue. So being proactive is very positive in reversing eczema.

The traditional eczema treatments had let me down. I was told the best eczema cream was one that contained steroids and would offer great results. Unfortunately, in my personal case, I battled with eczema for almost two months and the creams offered me no results. I often find that the best eczema lotion is simple, coconut oil. Coconut oil it is an antibacterial and an anti-fungal. Forget all the other expensive lotions that offer no results and use some simple coconut oil. For more details on the benefits of coconut oil, watch this video I did on the topic.

Eczema causes can come from cold weather, gut conditions, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and so many things. That is why, if we are suffering from eczema, it is crucial to make many changes because any one of the mentioned natural eczema remedies solutions in the video may not offer you results alone but offer you results collectively.

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[Video Transcription] Natural Eczema Remedies | Actually Works!

In this video I’ll discuss natural ways to reverse eczema. Hi, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification, and join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your life.

In this video we’re talking about natural eczema remedies. Now, this is a problem that affects a lot of people. It impacted me at one point in my life, as well. Now, when we look at the amount of people it’s estimated that 30 million Americans are actually suffering from this issue and let me tell you, it’s embarrassing, frustrating and it’s stressful to actually have to go in and have eczema and then try to actually, go about daily life.

I can tell you when I had eczema really bad many years ago I didn’t even want to go in public. You know, I had it around my eyes, many people thought that I was getting punched in the face, or something like that. So anyway, like I said, it’s embarrassing. Now when we look  at eczema, I said a lot of people are suffering from it but the thing is, about eczema, it’s kind of an umbrella term for a lot of different conditions like Stasis Dermatitis, A topic Dermatitis, Neuro-dermatitis and many more. So, this umbrella term refers to all those different conditions and that essentially are going to show up on the skin. But let’s go ahead and talk about why it happens and then also what you need to do in order to naturally reverse its problems.

So first thing here is climate changes. A lot of people who live in cold climates basically find that during the quarter time of year the eczema flares up. There’s many reasons, first of all, it’s drier. Second of all, there’s no vitamin D, because you’re not getting that sunlight. So climate changes definitely plays a factor in there.

Next is allergies now, of course, environmental allergies are a big thing but also the allergies that are associated with foods, Okay, so let’s not even call them allergies. Let’s refer to them as sensitivity. So if you’re eating foods that you’re sensitive to, typically some high sensitivity foods are gonna be dairy, wheat and eggs. You know so you start removing some of these things for a period of time, one month, two months and then you’ll start seeing some better results with reversing the eczema,  And that’s if, eczema is actually coming from the food sensitivities.  It can come from many different places but if it’s coming from the food sensitivity issues or allergies start removing these things from your environment. Then you’ll start seeing it clear up.

Now, next is Immune Dysfunction. Now. Immune Dysfunction is an interesting one because typically a poor functioning immune system will manifests itself in the way of very unhealthy skin. So if you’re having immune dysfunction it’s certainly a way for eczema to show up so definitely keep that in mind. we’ll talk more about in a minute.

Next is Chemical Sensitivity. If you’re using a lot of different chemical products, let’s say, beauty products, are full of different chemicals you’re putting that all in your body. If you’re using a whole bunch of chemical products in your home for cleaning. Another thing to take into consideration there. So chemical sensitivities and then dry skin. There’s some people who just have dry scaly skin year-round and then the eczema kind of sets in and they have a hard time reversing it. Like I said I actually suffered from it myself and it was during a time when I was still in school and was just on that brink where I was going into what we call outpatients where we actually start seeing people from the public and start taking care of them. And, of course I had this huge eczema flare up and it was really embarrassing like I said. So I was trying all the different over-the-counter medications stuff like that in order to help me with it and wasn’t working at all and then I turned to some of these natural remedies which I’m going to share with you right now and this is really what did it for me.

So first on our list here is vitamin E. Now vitamin E is powerful because it’s going to really help with wound healing ,it’s going to help healing the skin, it can help decrease inflammation. You can take it two ways. First of all you can actually take it orally where you can supplement with it but then the other thing that you can do is you can actually use it in the way of a lotion. So you can actually get a vitamin E lotion that’s going to help as well, you can put that on there or even get some vitamin E drops that you mix in with some coconut oil and that’s powerful as well. 

Next is vitamin D. Now, I was mentioning to you about climate change and typically in cold climates where they’re not getting a lot of sunshine. Well that’s when a lot of people notice that they have flare-ups and eczema well with the vitamin D you know they’re also going to be short on vitamin D this time of year. So vitamin D is research proven to be correlated to eczema. So making sure that you’re supplementing with a good quality vitamin D that also has some K2 in it that’s going to actually absorb in your body is going to be really powerful during this time. What I’ll do is I’ll link all the different products that I recommend here in the description below so you’re getting good quality.

Next is probiotics. This is important because that’s going to help boost your immune system, it’s going to help a proper functioning immune system. Like I said, here in many cases when you have a immune dysfunction occurring it’s going to manifest in the way of unhealthy skin and when we look at probiotics it’s going to help balance that immune system but the other thing that really manifests in unhealthy skin is poor gut health so we also probably want to focus on some gut healing at the same time. So taking probiotics, working on some gut healing, all going to be very powerful.

Next here is coconut oil. Coconut oil is great because it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s anti-fungal, its antibacterial it really works in a lot of great ways. So taking some coconut oil dabbing it on those eczema areas it’s gonna be very powerful.

Dead sea salt baths. You know research, it has actually proven that taking a dead sea salt bath not just one but taking several of them it’s really gonna help with that wound healing it’s gonna help with the itchiness, it’s gonna help with the redness and help with the inflammation. So dead sea salt baths you know get some dead sea salt port and a bath soak in it it’s going to be powerful for you and then last here on the list is fasting and this one’s important you know this is the one I think that really did it for me, because when we look at all these different natural remedies essentially, you know a lot of people want to hand pick one or two of them. But the truth is when it comes to natural healing in many cases you have to stack the odds in your favor. I always tell people this.

You know we’re so used to prescription actually just, you know, taking something like that it’s altering our physiology and then making a change right then and there. Whereas like when you’re looking at natural healing and truly fixing the root cause well and sometimes not only is it going to take time but sometimes it takes more than one way of doing it and so fasting was what was one of the ways that really helped me and when I talk about fasting you could do something like a three-day water fast.

I specifically did a four-day bone broth fast, where you’re just drinking bone broth during those four days along with water. Now the reason I specifically did that one is because, you know, it’s the skin and collagen and minerals. And so I just figured that would be the most helpful way to actually go about healing the skin. And so, like I said, combined with some of these other things I was doing when I did the fast it was one of the ways that just finally broke that cycle. The eczema was gone on, like, the second day of the fast and even though it was only on the second day of the fast, I wanted it gone. So, I just kept going to the third and fourth day and it worked like a charm and it didn’t come back.

I’ve also had many other people do a fast who have been experienced different skin issues. You know typically they’re just gone right away and so these are the different tools and tricks that I use with my patients right here, in order to actually help them reverse the problems that they’re having with eczema and let me tell you it works very well.

So, be sure to actually share this stuff with your friends because this is where you’re going to get some results. Share with your friends, give this video a thumbs up and if you have any questions put it in the comments section here below. Other than that subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t done so yet. Check out my other videos on how you can improve your health.

I’ll see you in the next video.