Most Effective Way to Remove Toxins

Most Effective Way to Remove Toxins

It’s no secret that toxins are a major problem in our lives.  I became aware of this issue nearly a decade ago when I start having many strange health issues.  Now I go the extra mile to remove toxins in my home, my workplace, and anywhere that is within my control.

Here is a short video that gives you an idea how paramount the toxic problem is that we, and our children, face today.

Now, that it’s clear to you where toxicity is coming from, let us talk about the most effective way to remove toxins from our bodies.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 75% of all cancers are toxin related. Columbia University of Public Health has reported that 95% cancers are related to diet and your environment. What this means is toxic exposures increase your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

What are toxins? A toxin is anything that causes harm to the body. We are putting things into our bodies that they were not intended to have, including the pollution from the air we breathe, the chemicals in the tap water we drink, the processed and altered food we eat, and the other toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

A bioaccumulation of toxins in your body throughout your life is causing dis-ease. Think of your body like a bucket. These toxins are filling this bucket one drip at a time. Once your bucket becomes full, it begins to overflow and this is when symptoms and disease manifest.

Many people have heard of “detoxes” such as colon cleanses, foot baths, and healing magnets. Unfortunately, none of these actually remove toxins from the 70+ trillion cells in your body. “True Cellular Detoxification” focuses on the toxins that attach to the cell membrane, causing inflammation. As a result, this does not allow the good nutrients to get into the cell and to allow the toxins to get out, causing a cesspool inside the cell. This causes a decrease in energy, a decrease in glutathione (the cells’ natural defense mechanism), and the appearance of many symptoms and diseases.

At NuVision Excel, a True Cellular Detox is a two step process.

Cellular Detox System

  1. GCEL & BINDRemove toxins with true cellular detoxification. – The GCELL and BIND formulas are designed to safely remove toxins from the cell and prevent their re-absorption through the intestines. The GCEL formula is designed to raise intracellular glutathione. The thankful cells can then cast off the horrendous toxins (mercury, lead, hormone disruptors, bio-toxins) and restore their health. BIND serves as a drainage formula that attracts toxins and binds to them so they can’t be reabsorbed, and then escorts them out of the body. The GCEL helps the cells toss toxins out, and the BIND catches them and carries them out of the body. BIND and GCEL are a team for deep, cellular detoxification.
  2. VISTA – We must heal the cellular membrane and open up the pathways to allow the good nutrients to get into the cell and to allow the toxins to get out. It is essential to support the cellular membrane in order for the detox to have maximum benefits, and the membrane formula we recommend is VISTA.

After a True Cellular Detox, you’ll experience better sleep quality, increased energy, and weight loss. You’ll also reduce chronic inflammation, which will help prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

I hope that a True Cellular Detox is in your future.