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How To Use Zeolite For Detox | Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a video that teaches you how to passively and safely detox the body on a daily basis.

zeolite for detox - Clinoptilolite Zeolite


How to remove heavy metals from the body is a very important topic that many people take into consideration in todays toxic world. That is why many people turn to Vitality Detox Drops in order to safely remove toxins from the body in its entirety.

Vitality Detox Drops are a water soluble clinoptilolite zeolite that are capable of not only detoxing the body of heavy metals, but also detoxing the body of glyphosate, radioactive isotopes, viral particles, black mold spores, endotoxins and more.

The water soluble zeolite know as Vitality Detox Drops comes in a small bottle and is simple to use. It toxin binding capability sweeps through the body picking up toxins like a magnet. The best part is that Vitality Detox Drops finds their water soluble zeolite to be a solution for removing toxins from the brain.

Vitality Detox Drops recommends that when using their product you drink lots of water and supplement with a mineral.

To learn more about Vitality Detox Drops go here.

The above link has a Q&A section which contains all the information and questions that you may have about water soluble zeolite. Vitality Detox Drops is a company with good moral fiber that is wanting to get their product in the hands of as many people as possible to offer a safe and simple way to detox that delivers results.

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[Video Transcription] How To Use Zeolite For Detox | Clinoptilolite Zeolite

I am about to show you a super effective way to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body, aka use zeolite for detox.

Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from NuvisionExcel.com. If your new to the channel then it is such a pleasure to have you here. Hit the bell notification if you want to excel your health in your life and you are going to be on your way.

Now, in this video were talking about how to use Zeolite for detox. We are not talking about any type of Zeolite here. Were talking about a water soluble zeolite which is scientifically proven to systemically cleanse the body. Now this clinoptilolite zeolite is a molecular sieve which possesses a cage like structure and a natural charge. Which is so good its actually binding up those toxins and completely pulling them from the body.

There is not a more important time in history than right now to actually make sure that were pulling toxins from our body on a regular basis because the average person is coming in contact with hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis. And this bioaccumulation of toxins is causing a lot of issues for people. It is everyday that I work with people that have had, their lives striped away from toxic exposures or condition of unknown origin that they can not find solutions for.

So, what were going to talk about is some of the many toxins that this water soluble zeolite is actually able to pull from your body. Then we will talk about some of the other benefits of the water soluble zeolite.

Now the first major toxin were going to talk about is heavy metals. Whether it came from dental fillings, whether it came from lead exposure, or maybe it was hand down from your mother. Many people are suffering from heavy metal problems. One of the good things is the way that you can passively pull heavy metals from the body and do it very effectively and do it safely is by using this water soluble zeolite. So, when we look at pre test and post test what were finding is that the water soluble zeolite is very effective at grabbing those heavy metals and pulling them from the body at a systemic level. The thing is that one of the challenges becomes with many detox is that it is not pulling them from the brain. The water soluble zeolite is able actually to cross into the blood brain barrier and bind up these toxins and safely pull them out.

Next big one is radiation. So this is a real problem in modern society. So when we look at the radioactive isotopes that attack the body. Cesium really likes to really go after cardio vascular tissue and strontium likes going after bone tissue. When we look at big disasters like Fukushima, the primary mechanism used to clean up those radioactive disasters was clinoptilolite, this water soluble zeolite. When clinoptilolite is used to clean up the radioactive fall out not only is it great for cleaning it up for those instances but it is also great for cleaning up all these isotopes that are in your own body. Now, whether it is from the food that you are eating or just being demographically positioned in a place that is actually toxic from these radioactive falls. Using a day to day passive detoxifier to pull them from your body is going to be very important.

Glyphosate, now when we look at a major neurotoxin that is highly prevalent in todays society. This is one of them. They spray it all over the food supply, they are spraying it in farm fields, it is in the water systems, it is everywhere it seems anymore. So, even though when you are actually doing a really good job of trying to keep clean food in your house and stay away from these types of neuro toxins. You know, they still are getting in contact with you. So it is really important to have a way to scientifically pull them from the body and remove them and when we look at one of the best ways to do it clinoptilolite is really, really significant. Dr. Huber from Predue University said clinoptilolite is great way to bind up this glyphosate and pull it from your body.

The next one on our list is Lyme Biofilms. If you are someone who suffers from Lyme then you understand the struggle here. So, the water soluble zeolite is very effective at binding up the Lyme biofilms and the spirochetes which is the primary issues that come out of Lyme. What this allows for is a passive remediation and the removal of this toxin and then this way people who are on even another Lyme protocol to kill off the Lyme are able to actually follow that protocol without having a Herxheimer reaction and their able to get well much faster. Now, people with Lyme they have to take a higher dose of the water soluble zeolite to actually get the effects that they are looking for but either way it is very effective when it comes to people who are struggling with Lyme.

Endotoxins. Now just like heavy metals water soluble zeolite is going to bind up those endotoxins, the spores from black mold toxicity and help remove them from the body. There are so many people who have actually been exposed to black mold and they struggle for a long time after it. Many people have unknowingly been exposed to black mold and then they don’t know where their struggles are coming from when it comes to their health. Using water soluble zeolite is a great way to passively pull the endotoxins, the black mold spores from the body and help your brain function right and your entire body function correctly.

Last if not least on the list is Viral Particles. You know, how many people are getting viruses? This flu system comes through and everyone is getting sick and one of the things that has been proven is that the clinoptilolite water soluble fragments is able to go in bind up these viral particles and remove them from the body so that way you are not only going to slow down the viral replication process but also boost your immune system.

Now, this video was done in conjunction and partnership with Vitality Detox Drops. Vitality Detox Drops is a water soluble Zeolite which comes in a little bottle just like this. The great thing about Vitality Detox Drops, first of all I have used them for years and I find them to be very beneficial when working with the different clients I work with. The thing is that it’s not a kidney detox or a liver detox or a colon detox. It is literally a systemic full body detox. It is going to detox the whole body including the brain. I’ll go ahead and post a link in the description below (link is here) . So, be sure to check them out.

Now, we talked about all the different toxins that Vitality can pull from the body. Lets go ahead and talk about some of the other benefits of Vitality Detox Drops.

The first major benefit of Vitality Detox Drops and water soluble zeolite is that it is a true binder. So, what it has a honeycomb like structure that carries a natural negative charge and what it does is it sweeps through the body acting like a magnet trapping up these toxins, truly binding them up and then you urinate them out. That is a solution for actually pulling toxins and removing them once and for all.

The next thing that goes along with true binder is that it is passive and it is gentle. So many detox agents on the market they go in the body and shake up the snow globe so to speak. They just rattle the toxins loose and then you have them free floating in your blood and you have negative detox reactions. What Vitality Detox Drops will actually do is go in and be gentle. Grabbing the toxins, it will only grab the toxins that it is actually going to remove. So, it is not shaking up toxins and leaving it is actually grabbing them and carrying them out of the body. That way you’re going avoid having all those different detox reactions. And it’s going to be passive and it’s going to be gentle.

The next big thing is increase cell hydration. When I talk about detox I always talk about increasing cellular fluidity. This is actually done by removing toxins from the cell, removing toxins from the binding sights. So when we increase cellular fluidity by increasing cellular hydration what happens is were able to get more nutrients to the cell. We’re able to make the DNA function properly. We’re able to make the mitochondria function well. And then when the mitochondria functions well, it’s able to produce energy for your body like it’s supposed to. That is a true solution for day in and day out energy.

The next one is increase nutrient absorption. Now when we look at increasing cellular nutrition and increasing nutrient absorption, it is very important that we have that increased cell hydration so that the nutrients are traveling in and out but the one thing that is really cool about water soluble zeolite is it is actually able to grab the nutrients and carry them to where it is most needed in the body and drop them off. Another thing is it is actually going to do is knock those toxins off those binding sites. So if there are toxins attached to the binding sites the body is not able to absorb the nutrients properly. That is when we start to have malabsorption and no matter how many nutrients we’re taking the body is not getting them. The same goes for hormones, if you want hormones to function correctly they need to be heard. If we pull the toxins off the different binding sites then the hormones can be heard by the body and you will have proper hormone balance and so much more.

Last but not least about Vitality Detox Drops is that it is simple and easy to use. One of things that is so confusing about all the detoxes out there is they become so convoluted with all the capsules and timing them right. Vitality Detox Drops is simply this little bottle of solution right here. You take ten drops of Vitality Drops in the morning and in the afternoon and you let Vitality do the rest. Now, if you are someone who is trying to determine if you are someone is toxic or not be sure to check out my video on signs and symptoms of toxicity. If you are someone who believes you have been exposed to some of these things here or match those signs and symptoms be sure to click on the link below and check out Vitality Detox Drops. It has been the answer for so many other people and it could be the answer to you too.

Other than that folks be sure to give the video a thumbs up, if you have any questions post in the comments section and check out my other videos on detox. Until next time folks, make it a great day.