How To Stop Gallbladder Pain

How To Stop Gallbladder Pain teaches you how to naturally relieve the pain from a gallbladder attack.

How To Stop Gallbladder Pain

If you’ve ever wondered how to stop gallbladder pain then your in the right place. I seen these methods I talk about in this video offer great relief for many people. Gallbladder pain can be excruciating and serious.

The gallbladder pain relief technique I teach you work well to give you comfort and ease the symptoms associated with an unhealthy gallbladder.

The hot pack and or castor oil pack is a great tool to use daily when suffering from poor gallbladder health. It expands the bile ducts and relieves pressure. It may even work to relieve a blockage in some cases.

Warm apple cider vinegar works well with gallbladder pain in order to relieve nausea and support dissolving the gallstones. Apple cider vinegar should be used even when not suffering from a gallbladder attack in order to give relief and support gallbladder health.

Peppermint tea with lemon water is great in order to stop gallbladder pain. It offers relief in the time of need and using when not having a gallbladder attack can work as a preventative measure to offer you that extra support.

Magnesium is also great in order to stop gallbladder pain. Magnesium is very relaxing to the entire body, but in the case it specifically relaxes the gallbladder and can ease the pain.

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[Video Transcription] How To Stop Gallbladder Pain

In this video I am going to teach you how to stop gallbladder pain fast.

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In this video we are talking about how to stop gallbladder pain. Some people have very minor gallbladder symptoms and some people have more of a intense pain. I know as my sister went through gallbladder issues the pain was intense. When she was pregnant with the gallbladder issues they were absolutely debilitating. So some of the same remedies I used with her during this time and that she found relief with I’m going to share with you.

Now here’s the thing, is gallbladder attacks are very painful so anything that we can do naturally is always a huge benefit.

So let’s go ahead and start with the hot pack. First the hot pack what it is going to do is expand the bile duct and relieve pressure. Now the other thing it is going to do reduce spasms on the Bili rum ducts and if you have a small stone lodged in a duct, what it can do there is help relieve that blockage. So the hot pack is very beneficial. How you will use it is take a warm moist cloth, put it on your upper quadrant right here. Then put a hot pack over top of it. You will lay down with that. You will put it on for about 15 minutes, get up walk around, put it on for 15 minutes, get up walk around and you will repeat that as many times as necessary until you get relief.

Now the other thing you can do is use a castor oil pack. Now the castor oil pack is much more beneficial you just use it a bit more differently.  You will take that castor oil pack whether you buy one or make one at home. You’re going to put it on the upper quadrant. Your just going to leave it there for about 30 minutes then take it off and then you can do 30 minutes again and take it off for a while. And once again repeat that a couple times a day if necessary. The castor oil is very relieving to the gallbladder and offers some healing benefit.  So if I had to pick between the two, I’d stay with the castor oil pack.  As a side note the castor oil does have a strong smell and it does stain sheets and clothing so be careful with that.

The next big one is apple cider vinegar. Now this is going to be warm apple cider vinegar. What you will do is take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and put it in warm water, a cup of warm water. Then you will sip on that while you are having gallbladder pain or a gallbladder attack. It is going to help not only dissolve the gallstones but it is going to reduce nausea and it is going to offer defiantly some relief from the gallbladder pain and attack.

Peppermint tea with lemon. So you take that warm peppermint tea and a half of a lemon and squeeze it into it and it is going to offer a soothing effect on the gallbladder and help reduce some of those spasms.

Last but not least what you will do with magnesium powder is take that and take a ½ of teaspoon in warm water. Now magnesium powder is very calming to the entire body but more specifically to the gallbladder. So once again ½ teaspoon into a cup of warm water and go ahead and sip on that. You can do that every 4 hours in order to give you some relief from gallbladder pain.

Now if you haven’t seen my video on symptoms of gallbladder problems be sure to check that out because you may not be someone who is suffering some intense gallbladder pain but you may be having some different symptoms and in fact it could be your gallbladder causing them. This information can really benefit them.

Now be sure you are implementing these things into your lifestyle but be sure you are eating a high quality diet that is free of sugar, free of grains and that is going to really  benefit you as well.

I will go ahead and put a description below of what I recommend. So be sure to implement this and it is going to offer you a lot of relief. I have seen many people who are going through gallbladder attacks or having gallbladder pain get relief with it.

Be sure to like this video, subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions be sure to post them in the comments section and we will be sure to respond to them. Other than that check out my other videos on not only gallbladder health but also ways to increase your health and I’ll see you in the next video.