[VIDEO] How To Increase Your Energy Level Naturally

How To Increase Your Energy Level Naturally is a video about Dr. Zyrowski’s great tasting natural energy drink, ATP Octane.

How To Increase Your Energy Level Naturally

If you want to increase your energy levels naturally, it’s very challenging to do without all the processed sugar and caffeine found in traditional energy drinks.

I personally found myself drinking copious amounts of coffee to try to stay ahead of the fatigue, and it didn’t do good things for my health. Which led me to look for ways on how to increase your energy level naturally!

ATP Octane is sugar-free and is sweetened with stevia. For less than the price of a Starbucks, you can give yourself sustainable energy that supports the body nutritionally.

Increasing your energy naturally with my ATP Octane is super convenient and simple to use.I use this formula as a pre workout, coffee replacement, and mid afternoon energy booster. This is the best natural energy booster that you can get. It’s full of electrolytes, anti-oxidants, smart caffeine, herbs and amino acids. This formula even contains glutathione, which is a really awesome attribute of the formula because low glutathione levels can be devastating for the body. Want to learn about how to increase your energy level naturally, keep reading and watch the video.

Research is all cited here: http://bit.ly/2ITXpX3

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[Video Transcription] How To Increase Your Energy Level Naturally

Hi I’m Dr. Zyrowski and in this video I’m going to teach you how to increase your energy levels naturally using my product ATP Octane.

Many people are looking to increase their energy but their doing it in a way that does more harm than good by turning to copious amounts of coffee, looking at energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and caffeine and turning to sodas. The bad thing about this is it is going to deplete your energy stores overtime. The ATP Octane is designed to not only increase your energy in the moment but increase your energy day over day. Lets go ahead and jump into the science behind ATP Octane and how it will benefit you as a pre workout, energy drink but also a cognitive performance booster.

So the first thing we will start with is smart caffeine. We call this smart caffeine because it is not your ordinary caffeine. It is caffeine from Terpstra that is going to offer many benefits. First of all it is one of those less is more concepts. It’s going to deliver more caffeine into the blood stream with a lesser amount consumed. As a matter of fact 30% more. The other thing that this unique combo does when we combine Terpstra and caffeine crystal is it allows for a slow release process. What the research shows is that 4 hours after obtaining the APT Octane there is 45% more caffeine in the bloodstream than compared to caffeine from coffee or other energy drinks. Now, 6 hours in there is 51% more caffeine in the bloodstream. Now, the other huge benefit is this has a slow finish. If you drink coffee for instance you are going to get a massive boost of caffeine, it is going to spike those levels up but then you are going to come crashing down hard. With the ATP Octane it has a slow finish so not only will you go and have these massive peaks in your caffeine levels in your body but you are also going to come off of it slowly and you are going to avoid that crash.

Now with smart caffeine it offers many benefits. For one like I said cognitive performance, it also helps support memory, but it also is going to help with sports performance. So if you are going to lift weights or go on a long distance run the cool thing about smart caffeine is that is it is there to support you throughout that whole entire time. The other great thing is a lot of people turn to like I said sugar filled energy drinks, or even coffee midday for a energy boost. Well when we look at the smart caffeine in ATP Octane the good news is it is good in the moment but it is going to give you that energy boost, that caffeine gives you over a 6 hour period.

Lets keep digging at how to increase your energy level naturally!

Now last but not least when we look at the benefits of smart caffeine. When we look at people who suffer from conditions and their very sensitive to caffeine whether its an adrenal issue or some other problem smart caffeine in ATP Octane is not going to tax your adrenals like a coffee would or other energy drinks because it is not delivering that massive impact of caffeine and then taking it away. To sum that up, the smart caffeine is going to allow you to have more energy, you are going to have caffeine that last a longer duration and has a slow finish that is not going to cause you to crash.

Next let’s talk about the B Vitamins that are also really important part of the ATP Octane. First B vitamins play a huge role in our bodies with energy. When we look at how B vitamins support this is first they play a inner role when it converts food to ATP. ATP is the cell source of energy. So, B vitamins is going to support that process. The other things vitamin B does is really help the body get support when it comes to stress, stress breaks down the body and b vitamins support the body in that way to not have all the damage from stress. Now the last if not least it supports cellular energy. This has B12 in it when we look at the cellular energy process B12 and folate work together to produce red blood cells and support iron which is going to transport oxygen to the muscle tissue and the cellular tissue as well. Which is going to to help with energy production and boosting energy.

The next heavy hitter is the Electrolytes and Anti-oxidants. When we look at the ATP Octane it is loaded with Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium. People who are performing athletically need these more than the average individual but everyone can benefit from them. When we look at Electrolytes they have very important roles in the body such as nerve transmission, muscle contractions, ph balance. One of the major symptoms that come out of people who have electrolyte in balancing is muscle twitching in major muscle groups around the body, around the mouth or around the eye is one that people see a lot. That is a good sign that you have an inbalance if you are seeing those symptoms be sure to use ATP Octane to support that. It also can even spill over into heart issues if you have a electrolyte issues.

Another thing in ATP Octane is the antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, escutcheon, talinum. These are all very important for the body and reducing free radicals. As you know free radicals are very much associated with rapid aging and disease processes in the body. So the antioxidants are very important and this formula in particular has escutcheon form of it that can actually cross a cell membrane and support the cell and cellular health in a big way. If you have seen some of my other videos I talk about gut Ithon is the master antioxidant in the body that protects the body. It is the arm guard that protects the body from all the threats coming into your body. Electrolytes and antioxidants in ATP Octane are very powerful.

The last ingredients I am going to talk about are herbs and Amino acids. The herbs and amino acids in ATP Octane are very important. As far as herbs go we have coffee fruit extract and we also have green tea extract. Now, these are really powerful antioxidants and as far as the amino acids go we have taurine, l-arginine, and alpha-ketoglutarate.  Now when you combine these they play a very important role in mitochondrial biogenesis, or put more simply creating more energy in the body and increasing exercise performance. Now when we take all these ingredients together again these work as an amazing pre-workout. It works as a good energy booster, a good coffee replacement and all together the greatest thing about it is not only is it going to give you energy in the moment but it is also going to help you build more cellular energy day after day.

Now when we look at ATP Octane its very important that it is all natural. There is no artificial ingredients in it. It also has no sugar in it, it is sweetened with Stevia. So this is a really great formula with no artificial colors.

ATP Octane comes in a canister with 30 individually wrapped packets. Now, these packets are very easy to throw in your pocket, your briefcase, your gym bag and be on the go. One of the things about this formula that I didn’t want is for it to be something that is difficult to try to use. Most formulas come in canisters and you have to scoop into a cup. This just comes in a simple packet and you are able to take it where ever you go.

Now if you want to have a way to increase your energy in the moment, and day after day, support cellular energy, then ATP Octane is your answer.