[VIDEO] Foods That Spike Insulin

Foods that spike insulin must be avoided if you want to lower your insulin levels and improve your health.

Foods That Spike Insulin

Over-consumption of foods that spike insulin levels leads to the current health crisis that we face as a nation today. Many people suffer from chronic health conditions and it’s unnecessary. It can be avoided almost altogether, if we take the proper steps to avoid the very things that spike insulin levels out of control.

When we look at insulin resistance it is a crisis as to how many people are suffering from this. Many people suffer from type 2 diabetes and hundreds of thousands of people suffer from pre-diabetes. This essentially means they have insulin resistance developing at a rapid pace in their bodies and eventually will become insulin resistant.

Insulin spiking foods should be avoided altogether if you want to improve your health and not suffer from this life altering disease.

One of the first changes you should focus on is to stop drinking sugary drinks. Teas, sodas and many of the beverages that people are drinking are sending their metabolic hormones into a tailspin. Stress is another major factor as it causes the cortisol to rise, bringing insulin along with it. Grazing is another major cause of insulin resistance. Intermittent fasting and insulin resistance can be combined in order to reduce inflammation and ultimately heal the cell so that blood sugar can be properly shuttled into the cell.

If you want to know how to lower insulin levels, it all starts with a healthy diet. Foods that spike insulin should be avoided until the insulin resistance is completely gone.

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[Video Transcription] Foods That Spike Insulin | Must See!

In this video I’ll uncover the top foods that spike your insulin levels.

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In this video we’re talking about the top foods that spike your insulin levels. Okay, there’s a lot of foods that are unknowingly spiking your insulin levels. There’s a lot of foods that aren’t so obvious, right? There’s real obvious ones out there that you know you got to stay away from. Otherwise you’re gonna have issues with weight, you’re gonna be causing some insulin resistance. But let’s talk about some of the not so obvious ones and the top ones that are doing so.

So, first on our list is gonna be sugary drinks. A lot of people actually stop drinking sugary drinks, or so you think so. And they stop drinking all those sodas and they switch to teas. But unfortunately, a lot of the teas out there that people are buying are loaded with just as much sugar as a soda. So, though you think you’re switching to a healthier option you’re not really getting too much healthier.  So we got to be careful with that.

The next is sodas itself. Okay, once again, sodas are terrible for you for a lot of reasons. But one of the major reasons is they’re loaded with corn syrup, a very highly processed sugar, that is going to just skyrocket your insulin levels. But when we look at these sugary drinks they are not associated with any type of fiber or anything to slow down or buffer that insulin level, or buffer that blood sugar. So, you know, they do really bad things for the blood sugar.

And along with it, juices here. Now when we look at juices, a lot of people are waking up in the morning. They’re drinking orange juice, apple juice. So they wake up first thing and they sky rocket that insulin levels, skyrocket that blood sugar. And that is going to stop them from achieving their weight-loss goals but also skyrocket that insulin causing more weight loss resistance.

Next here is damaging stress. Now this one is one of those things, again, that’s not so obvious to a lot of people. First of all, when we look at relationships, financial stress, a lot of people have these different stressors in their life. There’s also good stress on the body, like some daily exercise that goes on for a half hour to an hour. Those can be good stressors in the life. But stress from relationship, job, work, those types of things, those can be very, very hard on the body. And even excessive exercise can be hard on the body as well.

So, we look at excessive exercise. Somebody who’s maybe trying and training for a Ironman, or some big event like that and they’re running miles and miles every single day. That can actually be excessive and harm the body. Now, I find some people who are unhealthy and they try to do this. They actually even become more unhealthy. So you gotta be careful with that because you’ll raise those cortisol levels. And of course, you’ll raise insulin with it.

Next is grazing. Okay, recently at the gym I heard one of the trainer’s tell one of the students they were working with that they needed to start eating six small meals a day. And I thought to myself, ‘man I feel so bad for this person’. But it’s not my place to step in.  But they’re telling him they need to go to the gym more,  they need to work out harder. But yet they also need to eat six small meals a day, just spiking their insulin all day long.  And so essentially, what happens here is, it’s going to stop the weight loss and then you’re spiking that insulin.  So we gotta make sure that we’re doing more of an eating strategy, like intermittent fasting, one meal a day. Those types of strategies will actually help us keep insulin levels low and therefore, actually help us achieve our results that we’re looking for.

Next is sugary foods. Okay once again, there’s a lot of real obvious ones out there. Not so obvious, people are trying to eat a healthier diet is to switch to something like yogurt, for instance.  And then there yogurt, coming to find out, has 40 grams of sugar per serving. And okay, watch out for stuff like that. A lot of condiments, like mayonnaise, like ketchup for instance, they will have a lot of sugar involved with it as well.  So watch out! 

And then the, quote-unquote, healthy bars. I remember back in the day, a lot of the bars that I would eat would be loaded with sugar. And at the time I thought they were healthy. Of course I know now that they’re not, and I look back and I’m thinking: “Wow you know 20 grams of sugar, 15 grams, even 10 grams of sugar in one of these bars?” Terrible, so we gotta watch out for that. And make sure that we’re really looking at all the labels when we’re buying food because a lot of foods have sugar added to it and you are unknowingly buying things, like canned tomatoes in many cases, has sugar added to it. So you’ve got to watch out for that. You have to learn to read labels if you want to avoid the sugar and keep your insulin levels balanced and low.

Next is refined carbohydrates. This falls into the more obvious part of this presentation. But the white pasta, white rice white, breads, bagels, stay away from all that stuff, the cookies and all the different snacks. Make sure the refined carbohydrates just aren’t even in your lifestyle if you’re concerned about lowering your insulin levels. Because, you know, as we refine these foods, as we process these foods, they just literally raise up the blood sugar much quicker, much faster than good whole foods do. So, we want to make sure we’re sticking to high quality foods. 

Too much protein. This is also one that not too many people know about. So if you’re over consuming protein, you’re going to raise insulin levels. A lot of people switch from an unhealthy diet and they started wanting to eat healthier. So, they started eating a lot more protein while they were grabbing bags of jerky, they’re grabbing packets of almonds, at the cash register. And essentially, what they’ve found is that it raised up their insulin levels and helped kind of blunted the weight loss. So, when we look at too much protein we have to make sure that we’re not over consuming the protein. Protein of course is a good thing, but many people are over consuming it. We want to be careful with that, because it will raise up our insulin levels as we’re over consuming it.

Next is high sugar fruit. This is another big one that is raising up insulin levels, stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals, your health goals, and even causing insulin resistance in people who are very sensitive.  Now when we look at high sugar fruits, we’re thinking mangos, bananas, red apples. We want to start thinking more of the berries if we want to get into the low glycemic index fruits that aren’t gonna raise our insulin levels as high.  So anyway, high sugar foods, make sure stay away from that. Once again, a perfectly healthy person that wants to have some variety in their life in eating some high sugar fruits here and there, enjoying a banana, mango, isn’t going to kill you by any means. But someone who is trying to keep the insulin levels low, somebody who is fighting insulin resistance, we want to make sure that we stay away from this stuff, okay? 

So here’s some of the top foods that are going to cause you to raise your insulin levels in your body. So, make sure you’re avoiding these.

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